Getting the boot

Cincinnati’s Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell is suddenly fired

Getting the boot

Out with the old and in with the new.  That’s what in occurring for Cincinnati’s Police Chiefs.  On Wednesday September 9, 2015 Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell was fired.  For the former chief it was a total blindside.  He went into City Hall confident that he wasn’t getting fired and came out without his badge and gun.  Charges against Mr. Blackwell were filed and brought to Harry Black, the City Manager.  City Manager Black then sent a memo to City Council and together they made the decision to fire Chief Blackwell.

Charges that were filed against Mr. Blackwell included:  the verbal abuse and insulting of fellow staff,  a complete disregard for the chain of command, a lack in communication, and the morale on the force fell to an incredible 2.28 out of 10 (over 400 Officers were surveyed and study showed a drop in morale).
Specialist Scotty Johnson said that time and time again he would watch his colleagues endure disrespect.  Watching his colleagues break down at work, and not want to come to work.  This was the environment he and others were dealing with on the second floor of 310.

Another shocking discovery was that Mr. Blackwell pre-approved overtime to officers that were loyal to him making it obvious that he played favorites.  Some say that Blackwell is responsible for creating a hostile environment.  It’s said that Blackwell threatened to fire an assistant Chief and the Director of Communications because he believed that they released information about his use of overtime.

It can be said that Mr. Blackwell has made Cincinnati history because in all the years that the city has had a police Chief not one has had the FOP taken a vote of “no confidence,” until now.  A separation agreement was created. It offered $136,000 salary for a year, health insurance coverage, and all of Blackwell’s vacation time.  Blackwell denied this agreement and is currently trying to sue the City for wrongful dismissal.
Eliot Isaac is now the new face of Cincinnati Police.  Unlike his earlier predecessors he is from Cincinnati.  He is a 26 year Veteran that worked his way up the ranks to assistant chief and now Chief of Police.  He states: “Cincinnati Police will not go backwards during my time as chief.”  A vote “of Confidence” by the FOP was scheduled to take place September 14 for Eliot Isaac.  It didn’t happen because of how many other officers want the chief position.

What I can’t wrap my head around is if Blackwell liked the people so much, why is he suing the City of Cincinnati?  Doesn’t he know that if he wins he’ll be taking tax-payer money?  That’s the people’s money and hopefully that’s where it will stay.  With this new development of suing the City, maybe the people of Cincinnati will see that Blackwell wasn’t as innocent as he led everyone to believe.


New Police Chief Elliot Issac
Former Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell