Swimmers Wanted

With the beginning of October already upon us, the winter sports season is quickly approaching, and the Elder Swim Team needs some help. The team only has eleven members signed up. Numbers have not dropped this low for the Swim team since the late 80’s. Head Coach John Book has been coaching the swim team at Elder for twenty-eight years. He says he’s in need of “a few good men” to swim this winter. “If you’re not involved with another winter sport and know how to swim, why not try out,” Book told me. He also said that he’s had many kids come out as juniors who wish they would have started when they were freshman, because they enjoy it so much. No previous competitive swimming experience is necessary to try out. “We are looking for anyone who can swim, period. No previous experience necessary,” says Book. Numbers have been low the past three years for the team, but never this low. Nine out of sixteen of the swimmers from last year graduated, leaving behind only seven experienced swimmers. The team is in desperate need for some new guys to give swimming a try. Think about it Panthers, our swim team needs some help. It’s always good to get involved at Elder, and joining the swim team is a great way to get involved. If you are interested in joining, contact John Book at either [email protected] or on his cell, 513-478-2190. Practice starts November 3rd.