Aliens Exist: The Cincinnati Triangle

On the night of Friday, September 28 th , we were all screaming our hearts out in the black sea of Panthers during Elder’s incredible fight to get past those Bombers. In a window from about 8:30 and 9:00 pm, hundreds of individuals reported a triangular shape in the sky, which appeared to turn and hover. The three corners of it would occasionally flicker on and off, as it appeared to stay hovering far ahead in view. A local man and his two children stopped at a Walmart that night. The man was coming out to his car when he noticed it. He took out his cell phone camera and shot the now very-viral video. Local officials have dismissed this occurrence as skydivers. Skydivers. Supposedly s kydiving into “Lasalle high school’s Homecoming game”. Nowhere on the internet could I find anything about skydivers at Lasalle’s game. So– once you see the video, imagine the formation as skydivers. In terms of plausibility? Local officials, I’d say try again. I’ve compiled a little bit of what I like to view as “proof”. The camera is aiming almost completely opposite the direction of the school’s football field where the game took place. Adding to that, we can assume that the object was at a rather distant position from the camera. Oh and, to top it off, the Walmart is 2.2 miles away from Lasalle. I don’t see any skydivers diving well over 3 miles from their target. Multiple witnesses say seeing “military planes” circling multiple times. Not only does this sighting point to a cover up, due to the failed explanation by officials, but it blatantly parallels numerous other well-known sightings. UFO enthusiasts would view the Cincinnati Triangle as another triangle. The triangle light’s phenomenon has been more than prominent in recent years. As documented cases from Colorado, Belgium, England, and even Moscow, have expanded the mystery wide. NatGeo, Discovery, and History channels have all at least once had a special on the triangle phenomenon. The video, comparisons to other cases, and evidence of cover up – all also deepens the mystery of the now dubbed Cincinnati Triangle. What were the lights really from ? Were the aliens drawn to our atmosphere by the loud roaring coming from The Pit that night?