Elder offers service options

One of Elder High School’s most famous traditions is the Elder Walk for Others. This is Elder’s 90 th anniversary this year, and now the administration has added some options for the Walk. Elder High School has decided to offer an optional service project instead of the walk if students would like to participate. I asked Mr. Auer who was the one who came up with the idea? He said, “We have been talking about this for several years. We thought since it is the 90 th year that it would be the perfect time.” How did you get the places to allow the students to attend their facility for the morning? Auer continued, “We called several places that we had worked with in the past, and that could handle the amount of students.” Was the actual number of students who decided to attend the optional service work what you predicted? “I thought it would be more than thirty-four, it isn’t really disappointing because it just shows that the guys like to walk.” I also spoke with Mr. Otten and asked what brought the idea of putting the optional service into the walk? He replied, “Something special for our 90 th celebration for upperclassmen only. Elder is well known for our community service and the thought was that we could help others in a way that would be more practical than walking—by doing. We limited only to upperclassmen because of transportation challenges the underclassmen would experience.”