An epidemic of non-conformity is spreading at Elder.


Anyone who has spent any substantial time at Elder High school has noticed an increase of a certain type of person. I am, of course, talking about hipsters. These individuals seem to relish the opportunity to do anything contrary to the norm.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and do different things. They cut their hair in a way that seems outlandish, they wear clothes no one else would, and just anything out of the ordinary. We’ve seen everything from John Lennon painted on VW Beetles to cartoon character backpacks. They simply are different.

Despite the wide variety of hipster styles, they usually follow some sort of theme. Common apparel items that would be found on a hipster includes: skinny jeans, a button down shirt with a bow tie, suspenders (even though they are wearing a belt which negates the necessity for suspenders), and “prescription” glasses even though they have 20/20 vision.

Now don’t get me wrong being different is fine, but some people do not like it one bit. I caught up with senior Matt Schroer about this matter and he simply stated, “They’re all dirty hippies.” Despite the views of some, being “hipster” isn’t all bad. Many guys at this school who could be considered hipsters are great guys. Overall they seem to be an understanding, welcoming group of individuals.

These bow tie bandits usually hangout in the art room and this is where I got the chance to talk with a few.  I got the pleasure to talk with Junior Duncan Rackers. When asked how he feels about being considered a hipster. He replied, “I don’t mind being a hipster – I just don’t like to be labeled, the establishment [stinks] man.”

I noted that hipsters have a unique sense of style.

“I love dressing hipster because I can dress the way I want, but some teachers try to hold down our creative expression,”  said Rackers. Despite the overwhelming amount of hipster in his response, Duncan gave a great view into the mind of hipsters at Elder.

Some consider this wave of plaid and bow ties to be a plague, others enjoy it because it spices up their day. If you’re lucky you might be able to see one roaming the halls here at Elder High, be sure to shoot him a peace sign and maybe he’ll bless you with some hipster wisdom.