Max won, why not Joe?

Two weeks ago Max Mazza won the National Guard Player of the Week in a land slide, after a great game against the 2011 national champions, Louisville Trinity. He had ten catches for 127 yards and two touchdowns. Now another Elder receiver, Joe Ramstetter is on the ballot. Joe was nominated after an incredible game on Friday against St. X. He had 7 catches for177 yards and two touchdowns. To find out more about game Joe had on Friday and the National Guard competition, I went straight to the source, Joe Ramstetter. Q: We know you had a great game on Friday but in comparison to your previous games both junior and senior year, how does it rank among your best performances? A: It’s definitely up there in the top three but since it was against St. X in the Pit, I would have to say it was definitely my favorite. Q: I know Mr. Dabbelt has put the word out over the announcements to vote for you and it has been going around throughout the Elder community, but have you or your family been doing anything to spread the word? A: Everyone pretty much knows because of Elder but I guess they have a little. My mom sent an email to some of her friends and to our family but other than that, not really. Q: Before you found out that you were up for National Guard Player of the Week did the idea occur to you that you could be nominated for the Player of the Week after the game on Friday? A: I didn’t really even think about it until Max came up to me and told me about it, then I started to think about it but still didn’t believe it was going to happen. Q: If you win the Player of the Week, do you know what you win? A: I’m pretty sure I win a ticket to a Bengals game. This would also be with Max since he won already earlier this year, and then we go on to the field at halftime and they announce our names. Q: I know there are other competitions like this out there for high school football, have you ever been up or won any of the other competitions? A: Before the game I never have been but this week I was also up for Cincinnati Bell’s fastest play of the week but other than that, this would be my first. There are five other athletes up for the Player of the Week from Goshen, Fairfield, Mount Healthy, Wyoming and Mariemont. In comparison to Elder these schools’ fan base is no way near as big as Elder’s. Voting goes until 5pm on Friday, so go out to and vote for Joe Ramstetter!