A good fight

Last Friday, September 28, everyone on the varsity football team was anxious for their first GCL game of the season. The players were pumped to be playing our most troublesome rival, St. X. Our pep rally was like always, making fun of the Bombers, but still good according to many. Prior to the sold-out game, the cheering section stormed the field in their black attire. Players knew that X was going to be a challenge as they scored the first three touchdowns of the game for an early 21-0 lead. Junior, Nick Peters, started a quarterback for the injured Josh Moore, then was injured himself after a run early in the game. Peters had to leave and running back, Jimmy White, was sent out to fill in for him. But White quickly got into rhythm and showed he was not afraid to pass, throwing a TD to Joe Ramstetter. At halftime, the score was 21-7 and the coaches were fuming because of all the points we had given up in the first half. After the half-time “talk”, the Panthers came out looking much better as Elder did not give up any points in the third quarter. Chris Schroer ran the ball nicely down X’s throat for a 5-yard touchdown. Later, White threw another touchdown pass to Ramstetter, making it a one point game. On the PAT to tie the game, the snap was bobbled, but then was picked up, thrown but dropped due to a big hit in the end zone, making the score 20-21. There was a big third down for the Bombers, where their quarterback, Nick Tensing, almost got sacked, but instead threw for another touchdown. Later in the fourth quarter, Schroer scored again, but Elder was unable to get the 2-point conversion. St. X quickly scored, making the final score 35-26, Bombers. The Panthers put up a good fight as they kept it close in the second half. Ramstetter was nominated for Player of the Week due to his outstanding performance Friday night. This week they’re practicing harder than ever with Josh Moore back on the roster for an almost “must win game” against Moeller.