Fifty years and going strong

Mr. Kreimer passes the half century mark

American businessman and religious leader Joseph B. Wirthlin said, “Average leaders inspire people to punch a time clock. Great leaders inspire industry and passion.”  Entering his fiftieth year teaching at Elder High School, Mr. Dan Kreimer has certainly been an inspiring leader.

Originally wanting to be a full time pharmacist, he soon found his love teaching at his alma mater.

“I saw some people in pharmacy who didn’t enjoy what they do, but I saw teachers who did enjoy what they do. I always had pharmacy to fall back on, so I started teaching,” said Kreimer. “It started off tough, but every year it gets better and better. I love seeing these kids grow into men.”

The impact that he’s had on all students here at Elder has been immeasurable. He’s done many things such as: letting kids stay in his room after school, loaning money to students who have forgotten their lunch, coming to athletic events, or even if a student just needs someone to talk to.

Junior Josh Powell said, “The impact that Mr. Kreimer has had on this school has been incredible. Every student loves him because they know if they need help with anything he will be there for them. He definitely has impacted my life in a great way.”

In 1999, Mr. Kreimer started taking Elder students on a retreat to Ring Lake Ranch (the trip is not sanctioned by Elder). The ranch is located in Dubois, Wyoming and lasts an entire week.

“I first went out West when my best friend’s wife had recently died. He wanted to go away so he and I took a long trip out west, and one of the places we attended was Ring Lake Ranch,” said Kreimer. “So I decided to take students out to Wyoming and it has been great.”

Those who have gone will tell you that it is a once in a lifetime trip and all credit goes to Mr. Kreimer and the other group leaders.

He shows what it means to truly be a part of Elder High School. For those that do know him, they know that he would bend over backwards just to help you. Although he came to Elder to teach Biology and Chemistry, the most valuable thing that he has taught us is to strive for the higher things (Altiora).

I asked Mr. Kreimer if he plans on retiring soon, but he said he’ll retire when he is physically or mentally unable to do it. So until then, Elder will have the privilege of having Mr. Kreimer here until it is his time.