Ridder’s Reviews: Busken Bakery

“A match baked in heaven”

Ridders Reviews: Busken Bakery

Hello world (Mr. Rogers) and welcome to Michael Ridder’s first blog post.  Due to the fact that I entered this class late and have no idea what I’m doing this first review may be a little below par, but nonetheless let’s head on in.

To start off this blog I should explain to you the purpose of my work.  Ridder’s Reviews involves me traveling around the area to local restaurants, stores, prisons (Kroger),  lemonade stands and anywhere else that will actually let me enter the premises and then describe my irrelevant opinion on their establishments.

After some intense debates on our first location, The Ridder’s Reviews Board Team has selected Busken Bakery as our first target to critique.    Due to my curious nature, I took the liberty in investigating the matter ahead and looked up Busken Bakery online.  To my surprise it did indeed exist and had its own website, which included puns such as “Have an iced day” and “A match baked in heaven”.  After enjoying such comedy I knew this place was the real deal and went in to get a look with my own eyes.

I entered the establishment early that morning with my colleague, Zach Viox, and to my surprise we were the only ones there. (not really I didn’t expect it to be crowded) The inside was nicely lit, clean, refurbished, and smelled of pastries.  After carefully reviewing my options of doughnuts, muffins, cakes and other breakfast essentials I came to the decision of two glazed doughnuts with white icing covered in sprinkles.  I paid my dues to the lady at the cash register along with my number, which she quickly threw away, and headed out the door satisfied with my purchase.  The doughnuts were relatively good although bringing on pain later in my day as I paid a little visit to the “John” after first bell.

Overall, Busken Bakery proved to be a worthy stop for my morning trip and I would suggest heading over to any other panther looking to put a few extra calories onto his day.

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