Ginger Alliance

Ginger Alliance It’shard to miss these little devils in the hallway with the fire that is alwaysand forever burning on their heads. Of course I am talking about the “gingers”of Elder High School, and you better believe that they have their own little alliancegoing. So I went into the secret “Tunnel of Lost Souls” to find some of thegingers. I interviewed possibly the reddest haired person in school, SeniorHayden Cook. Iasked him what it is like being a redhead. And he said “Well first off, everythingI see is the color red. I also am always hot and I don’t know why.” He alsomentioned that he gets more female attention than most people, which is clearlya lie. I then asked him if they stick together to form some type of an“alliance.” He said “of course. Every week we have the weekly ‘gingerconference’ where we talk about ginger stuff. We also have a gang where wefight off the minorities. As I started to feel sympathy for him I askedhim if he ever gets made fun of. And he said “All the time, all the freshmanbeat me up and steal my lunch money.” Freshman even if you aren’t red hairedyou’re still below the gingers. We have classes know your role. I was getting extremely hot and sweaty andwanted to go talk to my fellow brown haired associate Kevin Kurzhals. I simplyasked him what do you think of redheads? He said “They should go to an islandwhere they won’t bother normal people.” Amen brother, maybe kind of harsh, butI feel you.