Dr. Phil Award Week 4

In week four the Elder Panthers hosted the St. Edward Eagles, our second home game of the year. The first half was shaky and the Panthers were down quick, but we would come back and end up short by a score of 42-28. What I was most proud of was the cheering section staying to the very end, except for Ryan Furniss. Furniss is a freshman who is a member on the football team. According to his fellow classmates, he left at halftime to hang out with his girl, who I will leave anonymous. “Disgraceful, transfer to X,” said fellow classmate Matt Schroer. Others also seemed to be as disgusted as Schroer. Nick Hall simply stated, “Embarrassing, unbelievable.” Joe Hogan said, “C’mon, man,” as he expressed some displeasure, but no one was more aggravated than Schroer. He continued to demoralize Furniss as he said, “He obviously doesn’t understand what Elder is about.” Furniss made the frosh mistake as he was probably confused on what was more important, a woman or Elder. Some advice would simply be if one word is capitalized then it’s probably more important than the other. So stay for the whole game like a trooper and root for the Panthers. He did make up for his mistake as he helped the freshman team defeat the St. X Bombers this past Wednesday, 27-21.