Vineyard Vines: A Growing Trend?

Vineyard Vines clothing becomes a more popular choice at Elder

Vineyard Vines clothing becomes a more popular choice at Elder

Anyone who is aware of the banter within the GCL has heard the jokes about St. X kids and their love of Vineyard Vines clothing and other wardrobe items worn by those in fraternities.  Ironically, Vineyard Vines shirts, belts, sweaters and more are becoming less and less of a rarity at Elder High.

Many Elder students shy away from such clothing brands; however, their reasons vary.  Personally, I don’t mind the look of the preppy clothing.  For me, the aspect that leaves my closet devoid of Vineyard Vines is the price tag.  I talked to Junior John Rokich, who is nuts about Vineyard Vines, and asked him why he thought it was a good idea to buy one sweater for $90, along with a belt listed at $50.

Rokich looked at me, offended.  Referring to his salmon-colored Vineyard Vines sweater, accompanied with an Elder-purple colored polo underneath, he corrected me:  “The sweater was actually $100 so…” Thanks for clearing that up.

He went on to tell me exactly why he wears the Vines.  People notice the little whale and it serves as a spark for many conversations, whether it be ‘Dude, you wear Vineyard Vines? What are you an east-side [kid]?’ or ‘Bruh, dope sweater, fr.’” (For anyone who lived under a rock, or in the 1970s, “fr” means “for real.”) I, too think that the sweater is fr dope.

John Rokich's Vineyard Vines Belt
John Rokich’s Vineyard Vines Belt

Another popular clothing brand among fraternities is Chubbies Shorts.  These shorts have a six-inch in-seam and are sold in a myriad of styles, the most popular being American-flag themed.

Junior Paxton Kelley is a known wearer and supporter of said Chubbies.  When I asked him why he is such a proud wearer and promoter of the shorts, he told me that “They’re for the everyday-man. Chubbies are for all body types, whether you’re short and porky or long and lanky, they feel like heaven upon one’s glorious loins. The comforting hug of the elastic waist band, the freedom of thigh provided by a 6 inch inseam…no other shorts can compare to the versatility and freedom of these shorts. Chubbies just enhance the everyday experience of a man.”

Paxton Kelley honors America by flying his Chubbies atop Mt. Titlis during the Glee Club’s trip over the summer
Paxton Kelley honors America by flying his Chubbies atop Mt. Titlis during the Glee Club’s trip over the summer

I’m sold. Technically I’ve been sold for a while. I’ll admit, I own two pairs of Chubbies and I agree 100% with everything Paxton said.  The comfort simply exceeds that of any other article of clothing that I’ve ever experienced.

Junior Donnie “Chum” Ruehl transferred to Elder over the summer from St. X (good move), and told me that even though there is a decent amount of “prep” here, Elder is extremely casual and relaxed compared to St. X, where pastel shorts and blazers are a norm.  Looks like Elder has some work to do if we want our attire to be as sweet as St. Xavier’s.

Whether you’re with it or not, Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide and other “preppy” clothes are being worn more frequently by your fellow Elder students. Nonetheless, if you have $100 and wish to spend it on one sweater, Vineyard Vines is your place to go.