Are the new TVs really a good idea?

Andrew Schenkel 17

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New TVs have been installed in many classrooms at Elder including Mr. Rogers room, the home of the Purple Quill

As a part of this past summer’s renovation, Elder installed new touch TVs made by NEC that were put in place of the Smart Boards that have been used at Elder for several years. There have been mixed opinions about the replacement taking place.

Now the question stands, do Elder’s faculty and students prefer the new TVs or the old Smart Boards?

Mr. Boeing, a physiology teacher for many years, is one of a select few of teachers to still use the SmartBoard in their classroom. Boeing explains that he still uses the SmartBoard for class notes, videos, and microscope projections.

“I like it (the SmartBoards)! The size is good for the whole class to easily see and I like the ability to control it for anywhere in my classroom with a wireless mouse. I also really like being able to write and highlight on the board as needed,” commented Boeing.

Mr. Boeing was also asked which he would like better and he answered, “I have NOT had much experience with the new TV’s so it’s hard to compare. They are smaller than the board which I probably wouldn’t like.”

Mr. Listerman, a business teacher at Elder, is one of the teachers who was fortunate enough to be given one of the new TVs for their classroom.

In regards to the usage of his TV, Listerman responded,” I use my TV for showing PowerPoint lecture notes, vocabulary, and accounting procedures for Accounting and Advanced Accounting.  I also use it to show notes and procedures for Personal Finance and the Dave Ramsey videos within Personal Finance.”

Listerman also put in a good word for the new TVs, “I really like the clarity and picture of the new screens.  Coaches would love to use this for watching videos with their teams.”

However, Listerman did have a negative involving the new TVs.

“I don’t like how quickly the connection is lost between switching screens especially with PowerPoint and connecting to my laptop,” explained Mr. Listerman.

Even with the negative, Listerman didn’t change his opinion about the TVs.

“I still like the new TV more than the SmartBoard,” he added.

Junior Alex Lott, a studious member of Listerman’s class and a former member of Boeing’s, prefers the SmartBoards over the TVs.

“The SmartBoards were great because teachers could annotate things with ease. I think the SmartBoards can do everything the TVs can do and more,” said Lott.

Lott also added, “It was much easier for teachers to get the main points across because they could circle or underline things.”

The opinions of the TVs and the SmartBoards will differ from person to person but it looks as if Elder will be switching out all the SmartBoards to the TVs in the near future.