OHSAA Kicks Kory

TheElder soccer team started this season with a lot of buzz due to the overwhelming amount talent, and a big reason for that was a transfer student from Oak Hills, Kory Hammann. Bad fortune struck the team early though as Kory was declared ineligible, due to OHSAA transfer rule 4-7-2. The team didn’t lose a game during his absence, but there was still worry about when he would return. Senior leader Kevin Kurzhals had this to say about his teammate, “He can just control a game with his foot skills, and has great vision.” Kevin shared that Kory might be the push the team needs to make a deep playoff run this season. The OHSAA rule on transfers reads if an athlete transfers from a public school to a private institution, the athlete must sit out a year. But like any rule there are exceptions. One exception is that a player can be granted eligibility if he moves from one school district to another as long as the move isn’t made for athletic reasons. Kory indeed moved out of the district, and was qualified for the exemption, but Oak Hills wasn’t quite prepared to let him go. Senior baseball and football player Jimmy White knows what that’s about. “It’s tough not being able to play, because sports mean so much to me, and it was heart breaking to see everyone play, and not being able to myself.” Jimmy had to miss an entire season of sports at Elder.” Unfortunately the same thing will happen to Kory. The ruling from the OHSAA came back recently that due to multiple complaints from Oak Hills, Kory will have to miss the rest of the soccer season. It all began with Kory moving out of Oak Hills’ school district into the Cincinnati School district, which made Kory eligible under the exception to the transfer rule. Oak Hills then told the OHSAA that Kory transferred for athletic reasons, which was not the reason the family moved. But the commissioner ruled Kory ineligible. Kory tried to explain that his move was athletically motivated, but the final decision was made, and it was too late to be changed. Kory will have to miss the entire season. I asked Kory what he is going to do to be ready for next year. He had this to say, “Practice really hard, and have a really good year with my TFA team with Nick Lamping, Sam Maciejewski, Josh Enginger, and Brian Poston.” Hopefully the Panthers can still have a good year, and best of luck to Kory and the team.