First timers kill the ACT

First timers kill the ACT

Four students in the class of 2017 recently received news that they scored above a 3o on the most recent ACT test. Adam Gerhardt, Collier Smith, Andrew White, and Alex Witte all achieved the goal of a great ACT score, which will open up so many opportunities for them college-wise. This was their first times taking the test. Scoring that high on your first try is something that doesn’t happen too often. I recently caught up with these students to discuss how they felt about the test and provide some helpful tips for their fellow classmates.

Andrew White received a 33 on the test and is very satisfied with his score.

“Despite my expectations, I am still very pleased and excited about my score,”  said White.

He is looking into attending the University of Florida (#Chomp) but hasn’t made his decision yet. Andrew took more of a relaxed approach to the test. He claimed that he wasn’t nervous at all.

“My biggest tip for other students would be this: just relax! Take this seriously, but don’t worry because that only makes things worse,” said White.

Alex Witte got a 31 on the test and seemed to have the same approach as White.

“I wasn’t nervous at all. I went in just to get a feel for the test,” Witte said.

He will be retaking the ACT again in hopes of getting accepted into the University of Notre Dame.

“I want to get a 34 because I’ve always dreamed of going to Notre Dame, and I know a great ACT score will help me,” said Witte.

Alex had a very simple tip for fellow test-takers, “Don’t worry about it too much. You will have many more opportunities to raise your score.”

Collier Smith also received a 33 on the test and was extremely happy with that score.

“The practice class needed a score as my “base”, so I was shooting as high as possible,” said Smith.

Although he was satisfied with his score, Collier still wants to retake the test.

“I’m going to take the test again because I think I can improve from my first score,” said Smith.

Smith has no clue what college he wants to attend, but it looks like he can choose whatever college he wants. Collier also had some great advice for others looking to get a great score.

“Be in top condition to take this test. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast. Know your time limits and make sure to pace yourself well. I was a little rushed at the end of one of the sections,” said Smith. “Know your strengths and weaknesses and skip tough questions until the end.”

The last student to get a great score on the ACT was Adam Gerhardt. Adam got a 30 on the test. When I approached his to ask him a few questions regarding the test and some tips, he dismissed me.

He proclaimed, “I need to study!” and claimed that he didn’t have time for any of my questions.