All-out for Fallout

The fourth installment of the acclaimed Fallout franchise is due out in one month

One of the biggest titles of 2015 is easily Fallout 4. Fans have been waiting years for the real sequel to Fallout 3. New Vegas satiated our hunger for a while, but seeing what Bethesda had done with Skyrim had fans dreaming what could be done with Fallout on next generation consoles. Then this summer at E3, Bethesda, with no warning and denying it for years, announced Fallout 4. Not only did the trailer feed the flames of desire for the game, but also blew what we had hoped out of the water.

We knew the graphics were going to be good. After all, the next gen consoles have insane processing power. But the graphics they showed were borderline artwork. Compared to the clunky almost robotic movements and ugly graphics of the world, this is night and day. This vast world set in post-apocalyptic Boston looks amazing. With Fenway Park being a city and Old Iron sides having jet engines, the game looks very promising to say the least.

With a new games comes new mechanics. In fact there are a plethora of new useful mechanics. One of the first and most noticeable is the fact that you can modify your weapon. Now to someone unfamiliar to the Fallout franchise, this means nothing. Well, before mods on weapons were pre-made and had to be bought from a vendor. Now like those in a real apocalypse, you can use resources to create your own tools your way. The second goes hand in hand with the modification part. In fallout 4 there is a thing called power armor. Essentially it’s like an Iron man suit built for the army on a wide scale. Now in Fallout 4 you can modify those as well using any parts you’d like. Basically these suits are your play things to tinker with and ultimately make cool as you’d like. Another whole new mechanic is the homestead feature. Here you can create your own town fortified from bandits and all sorts of enemies from the wasteland. This is a whole new feature that allows the player to actually use the previously annoying junk lying around the wasteland for something useful, like buildings and fortifications.



They even added a hot key for grenades. Previously, one had to select grenades as a weapon from the menu, use it, then when you ran out you had to go back into the menu and grab another weapon. It was all too slow and annoying to use them. Overall they just made the game a whole lot better. Executive producer of the game gave a great quote about the long awaited subject. He said, “Do you know how some game developers take a while to make a game, and it’s bad? Well we tried not doing that.”

                Todd Howard had been denying Fallout 4 for a long time, and now that it is out  fans are clamoring for it. Now, the only problem is waiting another month for it to come out…