The Dr. Phil Award

The Dr. Phil Award is given to an Elder student who feels that women are more important than Elder athletics. Any student at Elder is eligible. The winner of week one’s Dr. Phil Award is Deonta Belser, a freshman who plays wide receiver on the football team. According to freshman Ja’vahri Portis, Deonta was hanging with the ladies in the faculty lot near the freshman wing the entire game versus Centerville. The main genesis for this story occured after the game. As I came out of the locker room. I ran into Deonta. We talked for a little while and then he asked me a question that he shouldn’t have asked, “Did you guys win?” Immediately flames shot in my eyes as I asked, “Were you at the game?” He said, “Yeah.” I countered, “Well then, what were you doing?” And he straight up told me that he was with some girls. He also told the same story to Chris Mattress and AJ Burdine. When I asked Portis if Belser was with girls during the game, he reported that Belser was for the whole night. Now Belser claims that he should not receive this award because he witnessed and cheered for one of Elder’s scores at some point during the game. But that was the only time he was paying attention. He also added, “I didn’t have any camo.” Trying to explain why he was not in the cheering section. In conclusion, he did not make any real attempt to show his team spirit for Elder High School during that Friday night. He made a frosh mistake by telling a senior and with that confession he became the perfect fit for the criteria of the Dr. Phil Award. Therefore, this award is rightfully given to him. The only good thing he did all night was buy a ticket.