Football team dinners new this year

How do teams prepare for a big game on Friday nights? Thursday night for the Elder Panthers is an evening spent together eating a dinner provided by the parents. In past years, the team dinners would be held at volunteering parishes, but this year the dinners are being held in Elder’s Cafeteria. Different from past years, the dinners are at Elder and the food has been partially changed. There have been mixed feelings about the changes. Senior wide receiver Max Mazza said, “It was good going to different parishes, but it’s more convenient when it’s at Elder.” This year’s meals consist of healthier foods. “Last year we had things like wings, skyline dip, and buffalo chicken,” says Marc McGeorge, senior linebacker. Austin Cipriani said team dinners were better last year but he still enjoys them this year. Cipriani is a junior wide receiver. The team has a walk-through practice the day before a game. Traditionally players will watch film and shower. Then the meal will start around 5 o’clock. But this year the parents bring the food and leave. Different from last year, the players have the responsibility of serving and cleaning up after themselves. With a new year, new opportunities and new responsibilities arise.