Summer Box Office in Review

As the summer wraps up, so do all of the blockbuster movies. With the summer of 2012 having been one of the top grossing of all time, I’ll be looking at which movies faired best and which ones flopped. The most anticipated movie of summer 2012 had to be The Dark Knight Rises . With a star studded cast such as Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman, it would be hard to disappoint. To find out more on this film, I went to one of Elder’s biggest superhero junkies, Mr.Dickman. When I asked Coach D his thoughts on the movie, he replied, “I loved it! It was a great ending to the best superhero trilogy out there.” “My favorite part, though a minor one, was in the middle of the movie when Batman and Catwoman are fighting side by side on the rooftops. It reminded me of the images directly out of the comic book.” Mr. Dickman then went on to say that even though it was a great movie, it wasn’t the best one in his opinion. “I prefer Batman Begins over the other two Christopher Nolan (the director) movies”. He finished the interview by saying it will be a definite blu-ray purchase. America would agree with him by shelling out a whopping $160 million at the box office in the movie’s first weekend. It went on to make just a little more than $400 million total in the U.S and over $1 trillion worldwide. Another movie that everyone was looking forward too was Ted . A movie created, directed, and starring Seth MacFarlane was sure to be a hit. So I went to the one and only, funny man himself, Bill Macke for his thoughts on the movie. I asked Bill what his favorite part was; he replied “Mila Kunis, and when they partied with Flash Gordon.” “It doesn’t crack my top ten, but it is definitely my top twenty- five.” Bill went on to finish the interview by saying that it was a good movie, though he thought it was so hyped that his expectations were higher than they should have been. Though it didn’t reach Bill’s expectations, it did catch America by storm. Ted grossed just under $54 and half million in its opening weekend, which was a quarter of its total in the United States. There is always that movie at the end of the summer that is supposed to end it with a bang. The movie that ends the summer this year is The Campaign . With big comedic stars such as Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Sudeikis, this movie is sure to be a hit. To find out the answer, I went to the movie connoisseur himself, senior Joe Pieper. “My favorite part was at the end of the movie when John Goodman came on screen. He’s awesome,” said Joe. Joe later went on to say that the movie was hilarious and in his opinion, better than Will Ferrell’s other movie, Anchorman . The Campaign really checked in during its opening weekend by making just about $26 and a half billion. In the four weekends since its release, The Campaign has already made $77 billion worldwide. Haven’t seen it yet? No need to worry, it is still in theaters when you get the chance. So in conclusion, the summer box office did not disappoint. All of these movies and plenty more are all worth seeing.