Who took my Fruit Snacks?

Just about mid-year last year, my daily Little Debbie Nutty Bar routine was suddenly interrupted when they mysteriously disappeared off the shelves in the snack bar. Where had they gone?I learned from Women of the Snack Bar that the First Lady herself was the culprit. Thanks, Michelle. Yes, the Lady who was on Workaholics , right? In early 2010, The First Lady launched a campaign dubbed “Let’s Move!” It is aimed at children and teenagers to decrease the growing obesity epidemic in America. The movement eventually took so called “junk foods” off the shelves in school cafeterias. Those who know me know I am avid about my health. With my daily 7 am Dr. Pepper, and strong diet of Pop Tarts and Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks, I gotta have me some enjoyable snacks. I showed up this year and the very first day, something quite peculiar came to my attention. My other daily favorite, Kellogg’s Mixed Berry Fruit Dnacks, were gone. I came to another heart wrenching conclusion: Michelle had struck again. With utter devastation and sadness, I had to ask the question, what’s next? Will she target our beloved fries? If she goes for the chicken sandwich, she’ll be hearing from me.