Jeffrey Vorherr; the one who can’t stop

Jeffrey Vorherr ; the one who can’t stop Danny Murphy ‘12 Elder is known for the hard working, successful, and genuine people that it graduates. As you look at the class of 2012, there is no doubt you will meet a variety of assorted characters who exhibit these attributes in daily life. There is, in fact, one particular student, who exemplifies these characteristics along with quite a plethora of other interesting parts of his personality. This student is Elder’s own Jeffrey Alexander Vorherr. If you ask people what they know about Jeff, a whole lot of things come to mind. The first thing people obviously say is, “He’s the football player.” Yeah, that’s him. “The 6’-1”, 190 pound wide receiver from Elder High School”, as the Enquirer’s Mike Dyer would say. Growing up, I had the pleasure of playing sports with Jeff, and I’ll tell you that he is one of the most freakishly athletic and strongest people I know. He uses this talent as well as he can, and he is as prone to working hard as he is to having some random girlfriend no one knows. He was captain of the football team and kept his head held high even through the tough season. A lesser known fact, not as many people know, is that he also played basketball for three years and was above average in that as well. He suffered a broken leg in a JV football game his sophomore year, which set him back, but he battled and recovered quicker than his doctors predicted. He walked onto the court for the Panthers the last time in his junior year. It was a sad day for me when I played my first game without him last year. As a role model, Jeff is about as good as they come and he definitely knows how to have fun. He has revolutionized weekends with his “I Can’t Stop”(ICS) movement. I asked J-Vo what this movement means and he told me, “It’s never stopping. It’s one gear: GO! It truly is a way of life.” My next question was whether or not he had a curfew. His face got a little red and he said, “12 AM, no sleepovers, it’s chill.” It is pretty impressive that even with a sophomore curfew, he manages to never stop. I was too curious not to ask where the ICS movement found its origin and he proudly told me the story, “Centre college. At a college visit, I attended a gathering, the music came on. I made my way to the center of the party and did my favorite dance move, “the jerk”, on a table. The place erupted. I haven’t stopped since.” “What’s the jerk Jeff? Care to elaborate?” I asked. He told me, “It’s my go-to dance, buddy. Kind of looks like a backwards moonwalk with a touch of Richard Simmons sprinkled in; real hit or miss at the party, but usually a big hit.” I asked Jeff what he sees his future looking like. He explained, “The future looks bright: babes, wild weekends, but lots of work and success.” “Well what about the female situation in your life?” “Not really looking to settle down yet; still breaking hearts and taking names!” he exclaimed. Don’t let the fun side fool you though. Jeff has a GPA over 95 and is quite the student. He works hard, but uses the entire period to take even the easiest of quizzes. He is known as a polite, well-mannered guy with nothing but kindness in his heart. It is a pleasure to call him my friend, and it has been amazing growing up alongside him.