Murphy v. Groll (2012)

Murphy v. Groll (2012) Adam Bross ‘12 Every year, Elder High School unleashes a group of battle-tested minds into the world. Within this body of graduated students, there are a select few who seem destined for greatness. The 2012 edition of the Elder prodigies seem to be Matthew Murphy and Kevin Groll. These two men have battled ferociously for the top spot at the graduation ceremony on May 29 th at Xavier’s Cintas Center. There is much more than just the similarity in G.P.A’s which juxtaposes the two intellectual behemoths as they have traversed four years of Elder High School. Both Matthew Murphy and Kevin Groll have a plethora of talents which draws envy from the multitude of students ranked below them. It is not just intelligence which sets these two apart. Let’s look at Matthew first. Murph was a soccer player here at Elder, playing for the varsity team during his sophomore year before giving it up senior year. It can only be assumed he did this in order to focus on building the jeep he drives to school in his garage. Murph also plays guitar like a champ. He did a rendition of some Natasha Bedingfield song at the Talent Show in February and did an excellent job. Matthew was a member of the JETS team and a Kairos rector in March. He has held down a job for two years, has been involved in Leadership Scholars for two years, and has taken trips to Kenya in order to do service work. Through all this nonsense, Murph has maintained a 98.1 average for the 3½ years counted toward his cumulative average at Elder High School. Matthew is our Valedictorian and one of the most outstanding in Elder’s history. Matthew can probably send much gratitude toward Kevin Groll and the other trailers who have kept Matthew honest during his Elder career. Kevin Groll has developed from the flamboyant haired freshman into the buzzed president of the class of 2012. Kevin had his worst year as a freshman, but since has been the comeback king, averaging a 98.19 since. Kevin, however, was a three-sport athlete freshman year. He continued to play football as the starting varsity cornerback junior and senior year and partook in volleyball for all four years, which included being voted a team captain for the varsity. Also, Kevin was voted by the student body to be the 2012 Student Body President. And despite the shutting down of his magnum opus; the “senior campout”, by “the man”, he has ably led the Elder student body this year. Kevin also has worked at Skyline Chili as a steam table worker. Kevin competed for the JETS team and was a rector on this year’s January Kairos Retreat. Kevin pulled out a 97.6 average during his 3½ years. One can only imagine the amount of diabolical experiments Kevin has dedicated his time to at home since he lacks cable television. Luckily, I gained a separate audience with both of them in Elder’s Library: Adam: “Matthew, if there was one trait of Kevin’s that you most envy what would it be?” Murph: “I envy Kevin’s ability to be a natural leader. It is something I wish I possessed more.” A: “I think we can all appreciate that answer, Murph, it’s very mature of you.” M: “Well, I also wish I could “Woo” over the P.A. as well as Kevin.” A: “Well, there we go. So, Murph, how much motivation did having Kevin hot on your heels supply this year?” M: “Honestly, I just like to make sure I’m taking care of my own business. Both Kevin and I wanted to do our best. It was like golf, you can’t control the other players. It’s just you versus the course.” A: “ So philosophical, Matthew, what would you say is your proudest moment?” M: “Just last Friday on Elderfest, walking up after Mr. Otten announced me as the Valedictorian…and that’s the real answer.” A: “This pleases me. Just one more, Murph, and then I’ll let you go. If there was one thing you regret the most and could do over, what would it be?” M: “I’d probably say no to this interview.” A: “Thanks, Murph…You should’ve gone to Notre Dame.” A: “Okay, let’s just get it going. So, Kevin, Is there any trait of Murph’s which you envy the most?” Groll: “Well, Murph is extremely gifted in being a quiet giant in the classroom. I envy his humility greatly.” A: “Murph decided to throw a little jab in there. Want to partake?” K: “I also covet Murph’s rosy complexion.” A: “Reminds me of a young Bob the Tomato. Okay, I just have to know how it feels to have one of the highest G.P.A.’s in recent years and yet not have earned Valedictorian status.” K: “Haha, well being Valedictorian is just a title. It would be nice to have that title, haha, but in the end I know I did my best and the class of 2012 just had more talent than years past. I won’t suffer any loss of sleep over being Salutatorian.” A: “If it makes you feel better, you’ll be attending one of the most, if not the most, prestigious of all colleges from this year’s class. Anyway, what would you say is your proudest moment at Elder?” K: “I really enjoyed when I walked up to the podium on Elderfest last year and spoke to the student body on Elderfest for the first time as President. That is a moment I’ll remember forever.” A: “If there is any moment you wish you could go back and take over again, what would it be?” K: “I have two: 1) I wouldn’t have made that “woo” sound over the announcements the Wednesday before Easter and 2) I would have never mentioned the word senior campout to the faculty: most disappointing moment of my life.” A: “Thank you, Kevin. Compete, get better, and congratulations”