The man of many nicknames

The man of many nicknames Ethan Jackson ‘12 When you pick up a hobby at a young age it quickly develops into something more than that. It transcends the title of “hobby” and becomes a way of life. For some of us that may be a sport that we played while just a toddler. As we age, we practice every day, trying to get better and better. We listen to those who have experience and who can give constructive criticism, looking for anyone to lend a helping hand. For senior David Puthoff, this is no different. He played sports while in grade school, but found he was a much better guitarist. His hard work and dedication to what he loves has paid off immensely. Dave, also known as Putz, started to play the guitar when he was eight years old. From there he practiced about one to two hours a day in order to become better. Putz, also known as Butz, said he spends most of his days playing guitar, since studying is not his cup of tea. David credits many musicians as influences: Synyster Gates, DimeBag Darrell, John Petrucci and John Williams to name a few. Once he started his high school career he experimented with various bands and finally found the right fit with his band, The Requiem. They have seen their share of success while playing in local band competitions. Most recently, they were the youngest band in a local contest and finished in second place out of the 48 that entered. Besides playing in this band, Butz, also known as “that right-fielder”, has also seen success as a solo act. He applied to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, a very prestigious music school. That right-fielder, also known as Husky, said that when he applied he learned that only two people are accepted to CCM in his chosen field of Classical Guitar. Being the youngest applicant, Husky was nervous. Nonetheless, he prevailed gaining his acceptance into CCM. Husky, also known as Highschooler, said that once he was accepted, he felt relieved. Out of the entire world, since various people from Europe applied also, he was lucky enough to have been accepted. However, Highschooler was quite angry when he learned that he would only receive $300 as his scholarship for his freshman year. Being such an exclusive group of students in the classical guitar major, he expected a lot more money. At CCM, Dave plans on majoring in classical guitar, with some sort of business minor. He is taking the business minor just in case his musical career fails, but surely that is unlikely. While talking with Dave, he told me how once he learns more about classical music and guitar alike, he may be able to start playing classical guitar for an older audience and make some serious money. Once he graduates with his major in classical guitar he said he might become a studio musician or even join an orchestra in order to stay extremely involved with music. That is, of course, if his band does not take off and sees major success. Now, Dave is not a certified guitar instructor, yet he knows enough in order to teach the novices. Puthoff teaches the likes of Zach Coon, Joseph Dorsey, and the Dean of Discipline’s daughter, Mollie, at Keller Music. His father has owned Keller for about seven years, so Dave has spent a lot of time around the office. Dave teaches other students of guitar on Monday and Saturday. You might have seen Putz shredding the guitar if you witnessed the talent show; Dave was on stage three separate times jamming. All three were spectacular and showed off just how talented he is. Dave will keep on his grind next year at CCM. If y ou are interested in learning to stroke the strings, head to Keller Music and get started. Dave started at a young age, but anyone can learn if they spend the time and effort to. Also keep your eyes peeled for his band, The Requiem, to play at the MadFrog and also Madison Thearte in June or July.