Community; Get with the program

Get with the program! Ben Kramer ‘12 Despite the disappointing season of The Office , and the horrendous new show Whitney , NBC executives made the outlandish decision to cancel the third series of Community in mid-season. Community has become an instant favorite of the youth crowd, and an outcry is beginning because of its cancellation. News about the show is buzzing all over Facebook and Twitter, along with huge petitions to save the genius comedy. According to the executives, the chances of resurrecting Community are slim to none, but there is a good chance that a deal could be made with Hulu to stream the show weekly through the internet. When Community ’s cancellation was announced devout fan, Joe Dorsey exclaimed, “This is the worst decision since Rocket Power was cancelled on Nickelodeon !” The big question is: How is Whitney or the deadbeat season 8 of The Office surviving over this quality show? I don’t know a single person who likes the show Whitney , or a single fan that wouldn’t support cancelling The Office . Right as Community had hit an all-time high for ratings, the show was stopped in its tracks for no apparent reason. Community is based on a diverse and dysfunctional group of friends attending Greendale Community College. The cast includes Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, and the famous Ken Jeong from The Hangover . Each episode brings something truly unique to the sit-com genre. Season two’s Christmas episode even featured the whole half-hour in stop-motion animation, saluting claymation classics like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer . The creativity of writer Dan Harmon will be sorely missed without this show on Thursday nights. Just recently, following the cancellation of Community , NBC shuffled shows and now has a “new and improved” line-up for Thursday nights. Whitney has been shifted to Wednesday, and 30 Rock returns to Thursday. Even though the new Thursday agenda runs solid with 30Roc k, Parks and Recreation , The Office and Up All Night , the absence of Community is too much to handle. The whole decision makes no sense, especially when Donald Glover’s hip hop career just took off with his new LP entitled Camp . With a new album, a special on Comedy Central , and a spread in Rolling Stone magazine, Community ’s Troy, also known as “Childish Gambino”, has push ed the show’s popularity to an all time high. Also, Joel McHale’s commentary known as The Soup continues to attract people to Community as well. Maybe the NBC executives are too tight on trying to resurrect the classics like The Office . Instead of cancelling a rising show that has a ton of potential, why wouldn’t you cancel the show that is struggling to find a name despite its history? Or the executives could keep the rising shows and the classics (even though they aren’t what they used to be) and throw a new show in the trash like Whitney. The bottom line is that the NBC executives are too caught up in what the crowd wants, and have lost sight of true quality.