Scholarships send students off

Scholarships send students off Mitch Nicholson ‘12 As each student enters the halls of Elder, they are constantly told to work hard and get good grades. The motto Altiora is drilled into each one of our brains and some even adopt it as a lifestyle. Each Panther is told that if he works really hard in school and gets good grades, then it will benefit him exponentially in the long run. Most students hear these statements and brush it off as fallacy or an outright joke. There are, however, some students here at Elder High School that didn’t take this advice as a joke. These are the students who have gotten outstanding scholarships to various colleges. Whether these are full-ride scholarships, or partial scholarships, each one makes paying for college and paying back loans much easier. These students have shown that hard work and dedication does pay off in the end. I think it is safe to say that there are many envious seniors at Elder that wish they would have worked harder and earned a scholarship. Some of the students that have been working hard all of their high school life include valedictorian Matthew Murphy, salutatorian Kevin Groll, and other top students such as Alec Niehauser, Zac Reid, Ben Scheiner, Pat Bailey and John Harrison. These students are among the top of the senior class and have all proved that studying actually does pay off. Seniors Matthew Murphy and Alec Niehauser were accepted into the Carl Lindner Business Program at the University of Cincinnati. This program is one of the top ranked business schools in the nation and is highly prestigious. In fact, only 25 students were accepted into the program out of the 300 plus that applied. The process of applying for the program included an extensive interview that both students did well in. The Carl H. Lindner program helps students achieve success in the city of Cincinnati. This scholarship pays for the tuition for each student that is accepted but also gives students a chance to co-op to pay for room and board or any other expense the student will need to pay for. Some of the students that applied for the Lindner program were also accepted into the K. B.S. (Kolodzik Business Scholars) program. This program pays for half of the student’s tuition and is among the top business programs in the country as well. Students such as Zac Reid, Nolan Seithel, Patrick Bailey, Jonathan Harrison, Vince Kampel and Eric Deuber were all rewarded with this prestigious scholarship. Two Panthers in the top 20% in the class were awarded with full-tuition scholarship to The Ohio State University. Both Ben Scheiner and Zac Reid were given these highly-sought-after scholarships. Zac Reid received the Medalist scholarship which required only an application and was merit-based. Ben Scheiner’s application also required an application and was merit based. Perhaps the highest paid scholarship any student got was Kevin Groll’s full-ride scholarship to Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt is without a doubt one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Kevin, who has done much throughout his career at Elder, is a very deserving candidate for the scholarship. Playing football, volleyball and being the school president are just some of the achievements Kevin has acquired this year. These scholarships are just a few of the many the senior class has accumulated. Many students received the Cincinnatus scholarship and many others. Seniors Adam Bross and Eric Deuber were honored with the Provost scholarship which grants three thousand dollars to each participant. The senior class has done a great job stepping up this year, working hard and getting scholarships. In fact, the total amount of scholarships the senior class has gotten is $7,393,684. This number is extremely large and will only get larger as the year comes to a close. Congratulations to all of the seniors who have gotten scholarships. Getting a scholarship shows underclassmen that hard work and dedication does pay off.