The Best of the Worst

The weeks keep flying by and the primaries aren’t showing any confidence. One week it seems like Ron Paul could be the next President, and the week after it seems like it could be Gingrich or Santorum. But one candidate stands out above the other three. Mitt Romney may just be the best of the worst; the worst being the pitiful, nerve-racking, and embarrassing display of possible Republican Candidates to face Obama in the 2012 election. For Republicans, it is nothing but horrifying that it’s late February and there are still four headstrong candidates fighting each other rather than Obama. Even worse, when they do pick on Obama instead of each other, they fail to make any case of why they are better! Debate after debate the “fantastic four” proves why they shouldn’t be chosen to lead our country. Romney rips on Gingrich, Gingrich talks about $2 gas prices, Santorum preaches about religion, and when he gets the occasional question Ron Paul wastes half of his time joking about not getting questions. Obama’s approval rating recently returned to 50% for the first time in eight months. Seth Meyers on SNL’s “weekend update” insightfully joked that it would keep going up if the Republican candidates keep talking. Simple but true. Obama’s 2012 campaign solely relies on the lunacy of the elephants. Romney, fond of television ads, seems to spend more money opposing the other Republicans rather than the true opponent. We don’t really want to know why the other Republicans are bad candidates, we already know why Obama is a bad candidate, so quit talking about them! Tell us what makes you a good candidate. And by no means does that involve promising $2 gas, exclaiming cheesy Andrew Jackson quotes about “killing our enemies” or returning to the gold standard. Don’t tell me what kind of war you would get us in to if Iran closed the Strait of Hormuz. I don’t care what would happen to Cuba if Castro dies. I’m tired of hearing about fantasies, especially when they’re pessimistic! At least tell me something pessimistic that has some value in it like the status and future of our debt. To be honest I’d rather you just tell me that I won’t be able to pay off my college debt instead of lying to me. But America loves this stuff; they like the candidate who tells them what they want to hear. It worked in 2008 when Obama spoke of “hope” and “change”. How much longer can the American voter buy into the words they say? Perhaps we should trust someone’s record rather than their speaking abilities. But that would be too hard. It is pretty ironic that the potential Republican leaders of our country refuse to mention the Bush tax cuts despite the obvious hypocrisy highlighted by the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s not like our debt will vanish when hot shots like Romney are paying pocket change for taxes. Yeah, he pays his taxes but look what he has left over. There just isn’t enough promise for the economy in these four candidates. Who knows what Gingrich would do about our debt if he is elected, or Santorum for that matter; all they do is boast a flat tax which hasn’t been seen in years. It’s like Ron Paul is the only one we can technically trust since he hasn’t had the chance to screw up yet. It is frightening when the only advantage one of these four Republican Candidates has over Obama lies in the fact that they haven’t had the chance to screw up yet. It’s also frightening when it seems acceptable to support a president just because his opponents are idiots. America needs a leader who is measured not to the standard of his opponent but rather to the level of his own track record, intelligence, and charisma. In our present situation this cannot be found. Throughout the next month, Romney will be tested to discover if he is the chosen one for the Republicans. He has one more debate (more b.s.) and one more speech on economics (maybe he will finally tell us about himself rather than Gingrich) before the votes are counted in Michigan on Tuesday, February 28 th . As of now, he outnumbers the other candidates in delegates with Santorum falling into a fairly-close second. With wins in Maine, Nevada, Florida and New Hampshire, all Romney needs is a victory in Michigan. If he comes out on top in Michigan, he is most likely shoe in for the nomination. Maybe his big bucks spent on campaigning will pay off. So welcome to 2012, the year when the Republican voters nominated the most boring candidate. This is the year when voters decided to choose the candidate that “has the best chance of beating Obama”. 2012 is the year when the best of the worst will be chosen to run our country for the next four years.