The tragic death (and possible rebirth) of a popular “illegal” streaming program.


Users of the not-so-legal Popcorn Time may have noticed something about the program. The free “less legal” version of Netflix was temporarily shut down by its creators. The makers of this movie watching tool decided to shut down after some heat from authorities. As Popcorn Time is arguably the best movie streaming source, movie fanatics were distraught. However there is something on the horizon.

Like almost everything on the interwebs things can be countered and bypassed. Luckily (not from experience) there seems to be a new version that simply does not care about any set rules. This one, from my “research”, seems to be made for Apple products and appears to be much sleeker than its older counterpart. If anything, this version seems to be an upgrade overall.

This all begs some questions. What is going to stop video piracy? And what types of measures are companies going to go to, to try and stop something that will never die? Personally I think virtually nothing will stop it. The internet is a place of anarchy. Any government rules simply don’t apply to the rules of the internet. Second I know companies are losing some money in the deal of streaming but overall they are making huge amounts of money. Yes it’s so much cheaper to stream a new release, but there’s nothing like going to the movies with some friends and sitting in those chairs. The movie companies honestly have nothing to fear and are just wasting resources by trying to fight ghosts on the internet.

If people want to do anything on the internet it can be done. People need to understand that nothing will change this fact. If anything companies should learn from these pirating companies. Most people pirate because they want to watch new films cheap and easily. Netflix just doesn’t get everyone’s goat. It doesn’t have enough films or shows for some people’s taste.

In the end if you want to be risky and try something “illegal” by all means download the new popcorn time. Although, you didn’t hear it from me. I  “really” don’t suggest it, but it’s always there.

The new Popcorn Time
The old Popcorn Time