ISIS threatens America

ISIS’s following through the media is allowing them to obtain followers across the world, even in America. Where would they attack first?


As a terrorist organization, ISIS seems to loathe anything considered to be “Western” and will stop at nothing short of suicide to destroy it. From their recent attacks in Paris, they don’t mind taking the lives of those who do not deserve it. Their beliefs are unorthodox and they don’t mind killing innocents for their cause. ISIS is so extreme has even been denounced by Al Qaeda, the perpetrators behind 9/11. It is truly them verses the world.

However, this hasn’t stopped the Islamic extremists or even slowed them down. They’ve reached out across the world through the internet and could potentially have splinter cells anywhere in the world. Now, after their strike in France, what they consider a victory, they turn to America.

The American way is almost sickening to the followers of ISIS. They want to burn it to the ground. Yet what they fail to realize is the resilience of the American people. If they do manage to stage an assault in America, it would do nothing more than bring the wrath of the whole nation. As they say, don’t poke the bear. What happened after Pearl Harbor? 9/11? The Boston bombings? These attacks might physically harm innocent denizens of the American way, but it does nothing more than seal the fate of the attackers.

Despite these facts, ISIS is still in America and are promising attacks in the near future. Joe Kraft, somewhat of a strategic guru, believes ISIS will strike where it hurts.

“Without a doubt they’d be wanting to strike fear into the hearts of the American people, so high targets like sports arenas, any federal building, or just any place where a lot of Americans will be in great numbers,” said Kraft.  “Because of this don’t be surprised if security at places like the Super Bowl and Winter Classic is 10 times greater than it is normally.”

If you’d like to debate the legitimacy of the future ROTC member, he’d be more than happy to display his knowledge of historical military campaigns and their strategies.

Because ISIS has been so aggressive through media and the internet they have managed to gain followers in the United States. Also due to the Syrian refugees coming to America (although they are not all ISIS), no one knows how many supporters of ISIS are already in, or coming to, America.

As far as we know, they could be planning attacks that could come any time. However, the fact that they threatened attacks on Black Friday and nothing happening shows they are not ready. Perhaps they do not have enough followers to have an all-out attack. Or perhaps they want to play mind games. However, despite their lack of attacks in the U.S. we should still be wary. As the inner consumerists come out in everyone during the holiday season, there are many soft targets in large stores- and there could be a chance. That is why I would like to alert everyone to the possible threat at any time. They could be anywhere at any time.

However, we should not be deterred. The American Spirit is not so easily shaken. When the time comes, we will be prepared.