XU vs UC: A Crosstown Classic with national implications

A match-up with so much potential


Let me start by saying I absolutely despise Xavier University and everything they stand for. I have no idea why anyone would want to suffer through the supposedly best four years of your life at a small and boring place like that. I hate their basketball team too. I hate how people say UC is full of thugs when you have Tu Holloway saying “we gangstas in the locker room.” and the whole Dez Wells incident. All that being said I’m going to try and preview this matchup between UC and XU and unbiased as possible.

Let’s start with the guys in blue. You would think that losing Dee Davis and Stainbrook (who carried them through the tournament), that they’d have some trouble finding their footing this year. They also only signed one recruit who wasn’t very hyped up. Well we were all wrong.

Xavier, like all Cincinnati teams, got screwed in the preseason polls and was not ranked. Well someone messed up because the Muskies are rolling. At the beginning of the year they seemed to play down to their competition but recently have been destroying teams. They rolled through their holiday tournament and are now ranked 12th in the AP poll. This XU team is nothing to look past. They are young and talented and are pretty fun to watch. They are no doubt a sweet sixteen team. Let’s see how they fair against a decent team like UC this Saturday.

No let’s get to the city’s ankev johnd my team, The Bearcats. The CaDEC12_Flines_XU_UCts looked impressive early winning by huge margins in their first couple of games. Adding a four star guard and losing Jermaine Sanders poised UC for a run this year. Losing Sanders honestly has helped our team more than it has hurt. Senior Matt Wellbrock thinks “UC has the chance to be scary good, but I think the game on Saturday the 12th will be close. “The Cats could have something special here with leadJRers like Ellis, and raw talent such as Clark or
Farad Cobb. Mix in the two recruits and the Cats could be scary. No matter how good a team looks on paper, it’s all about performing. We know the Cats can blow out bad teams, and out last decent teams. It’s important for them to beat a solid Butler team this Wednesday, and stay undefeated. Let’s see how they play at a sold out Cintas next Saturday.

My prediction is UC by 5.

Who will win, UC or XU

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