Thanksgiving Parade gobbles up Price Hill

Thanksgiving Parade gobbles up Price Hill

Not many times does the Price Hill community get to gather for a special occasion. Yes, we have the Elder and West High football games every Friday, but how often do we get to actually get to be cheering for the same thing?

Introducing The Price Hill Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is back and is bringing all of Price hill together to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. This was the 25th annual pr parade starting back in 1991. The parade is a time where the community can gather and enjoy a great event together.

The Thanksgiving Parade is a fun way for people to celebrate.  Kids get to see all the exciting floats and music played by our very own Elder band. The Elder Band is an important figure for Elder they are recognized at almost every sporting event and they play a big part in Price Hill community.

I spoke to senior Jordan Dirr about his experience in the parade. “It’s a good time,” said Dirr. “I love seeing all the people enjoy the parade and cheering as Elder marched by. It’s cool to see what Elder does for Price Hill.” Some may believe that working the parade is easy, but you have to realize that these band members are carrying their heavy instruments the whole way. Jordan talked about how it started slipping about halfway through it. Jordan funniest part of the parade is “watching these kids hip the quan to Hang on Sloopy, or hitting the whip to The Fight Song.”

Drew Schramm was at the parade as a worker.  I asked him if it was worth going  and he said even though he was there because of service hours he still had fun time watching all the kids dancing and having a fun time.”  Many people have a part in making this parade happen. Drew believes that it’s important to make sure that this tradition is continued next year.

People may not know how important Elder is to this community. But nne man has made a huge difference in this community, our own Mr. Otten. Mr. Otten is in his final year of being Elder principal and he and his wife were honored by being crowned the King and Queen of the 2015 parade.

The main goal of the parade is to gather the kids of Price Hill for a fun day of listening to music, watching the floats, and being with there family. Each year it seems that the parade is doing a great job with thousands of people on the side of the road with happy faces. This year parade was a success hopefully we will be able to continue this tradition and success for years to come.