Compiling the perfect schedule


Mr. Rogers’ classes are always on the top of the list

As the first semester starts to wind down, and students are debating whether or not to change up their electives for the second semester. So we decided to find out which classes are the student’s favorite in each different department. We asked many different upperclassmen which classes were their favorite in every category and who taught that specific class to make up “The Perfect Schedule”.

Favorite Math Class: Algebra I with Mr. Currin

Mr. Currin’s Algebra I class is one of the more relaxed math classes that students have the chance to experience at Elder. One surveyor expressed his love for Mr. Currin’s class by saying, “B.C. is the goat.”  One reason why students absolutely love Mr. Currin’s class is because of the limited homework that he gives. He doesn’t smother his students with an overwhelming amount of homework.

"If you love quizzes, you'll love World Cultures"
“If you love quizzes, you’ll love World Cultures”

Favorite History Class: World Cultures with Mr. Spencer

Mr. Spencer makes learning in his class fun while making jokes throughout each class as well as those almost-daily quizzes that every student loves. “World Cultures with Mr. Spencer was one of the best classes I’ve had at Elder because of the humor he brings in his classroom.” commented one student.  Overall, Mr. Spencer is one of the best Elder has to offer, and his World Cultures class is one that every sophomore should want to take.

Favorite Science Class: Physics with Mr. Schroer 

Mr. Schroer’s Physics class is thought to be the best at Elder although this year is only his second at Elder. His class is known to be one of the more relaxed classes at Elder. “Mr. Schroer uses mature language while talking and treating us like adults.” said a student of his. During your four years in high school, Mr. Schroer’s Physics class has proven to be a great addition to any student’s schedule.

Favorite English Class: English III with Mr. Ploehs and English I with Mr. Alig

Although Mr. Ploehs retired from Elder last year, he still managed to tie Mr. Alig for the best English class at Elder. “Mr. Ploehs made English fun and never failed to teach his lessons in a different way. I will always remember the life lessons he taught us all, especially Carpe Diem!” said one student. Most students liked Mr. Alig’s class for a different reason. A student commented, “Mr. Alig’s class showed that you could achieve good grades if you study and worked hard unlike some other classes.” Both Mr. Ploehs and Mr. Alig are among Elder’s best, and some of the students are letting it be known.

Favorite Foreign Language Class: Spanish I with Mrs. Wynn

Almost every student that takes Spanish at Elder has the pleasure of taking Mrs. Wynn’s Spanish I class in room 126. A student said, “Mrs. Wynn gave vocab quizzes almost every day and I failed them most of the time but besides that, it was a great class.” All students will probably agree that Mrs. Wynn’s daily quizzes were rough, but they’ll also recommend this class to anyone.

Mr. Dickman
Mr. Dickman always helps his freshman out with the phrase “Biblical Exegesis”

Favorite Religion Class: Comparative Religions/Old Testament with Mr. Dickman 

Mr. Dickman is known around Elder for being one of the coolest teachers around the school. A student talked about his Comparative Religions class, “It is probably one of the chillest classes available…this class is enjoyable because the variety of learning opportunity it presents and it’s methods of learning, while still remaining reasonable and respectable in its demands.” Luckily, Mr. Dickman’s Old Testament class is mandatory for every freshman so every student at Elder has the opportunity to take one of the best classes Elder has to offer.

Favorite Electives: Accounting with Mr. Listerman, Journalism with Mr. Rogers, and Industrial Design with Mr. Buetsche

If you’re taking Accounting with Mr. Listerman, you better be ready for his famous “Smoke crack?” line if your credits don’t equal your debits. However, most of Elder’s “accounting wizards” are tough enough and one student said, “I love going to Accounting every day because I actually enjoy being in Mr. Listerman’s class and will more than likely use what I learn in this class later in life.” Mr. Listerman’s Accounting class is a must-take at Elder because it will teach you things you’ll need to know when your out on your own and every class is a great time.

I’m sure almost every student at Elder has had their seventh period class disrupted by a Journalism student looking to interview a classmate for their upcoming story. “Journalism is a somewhat relaxed class most of the time but we do have a lot of work in there. Mr. Rogers knows a lot about Journalism and is always there to help you if you have an issue which is really helpful.” mentioned one Journalism student. Elder’s Journalism class also known as “The Purple Quill” has seen a increase in writers this year which proves how popular this class has become.

Mr. Buetsche is known as one of the best substitute teachers at Elder but other students know he as the teacher of his Industrial Design class. One student said, “Mr. Buetsche is a great teacher with his humor and he really knows what he’s talking about.” In Mr. Buetsche’s class, there aren’t any tests or quizzes because it consists of doing projects every day. The students at Elder are really enjoying a break from their normal classes while being in Mr. Buetsche’s Industrial Design class.

After reading this article, you’ll have a great idea of which classes are must-takes at Elder. Make sure you keep all these in mind as your continue your journey at Elder.