Madden wave hits Elder

The recent wave of Elder students who are starting to play madden.

Lately around Elder High School, a new game has hit the students’ tablets. A lot of the students have found a way to download Madden 2008 and play it in class. Although the rosters are not updated to the modern day teams, they are only a couple years off so it contains of a lot of the same players nowadays.

The interesting thing is how kids are able to get away with it in class. As we all know, playing games in class is frowned upon at Elder, but some of the kids really don’t care and they just find a way to get away with it.

The funny thing is that there are some kids who take this game way to seriously. You’d be surprised the amount of trash talk that goes into these games. Even I get into it sometimes, and get frustrated when I lose.

I honestly believe I am the best player in the school”

— Connor Lohmiller

“I honestly believe I am the best player in the school,” said Connor Lohmiller, “I’ve only had like three losses this whole school year.”

To be completely honest, it is very hard to be really good at that game. For one, the defenders are terrible and never seem to make a play on the ball, especially it it’s an unreal receiver. Also, the quarterbacks really suck. Unless its Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, the QBs really struggle at doing what QBs are supposed to be able to do: throw the football.

“I’m often a running quarterback,” said junior Tim Tieman. “Wildcat offense check the paw prints.”

One of the main issues with the game is that there seems to be a glitch with one of the plays: the wildcat. It’s honestly unfair. All you have to do is just snap the ball to your running back, wait a few seconds, and then sling it to your tight end for an automatic touchdown.

cover of Madden 08

It’s very annoying when players actually think they’re good because they can do this. Anyone can run the wildcat and score, so it’s just unfair. We’ve pretty much classified two types of Madden 08 players; simply wildcat and non-wildcat players.

To be honest, I always keep it in my arsenal just in case I play a tool that feels it’s okay to run the wildcat. “Wildcat or no wildcat, I’m the best,” said junior Bradley Simonson. “Kids who run the wildcat are honestly the worst.”

There are honestly several tricks that can improve your Madden skills. One is the ability to perfect the onside kick. In my opinion, onside kicking every time is kind of a d-bag move, but if you’re able to perfect it, it can give you a serious advantage in winning the game. I consider myself a pretty good player, but there was one time against Mr. Simonson that I went down 21-0 before I even had the ball due to onside kicks. The onside kick is just that lethal.

Another trick is the screen play. Running the half back screen is a very good play that works more often than not. As long as the quarterback is coordinated enough to be able to get the ball off, it normally results in a pretty nice gain.

The amazing thing is how kids are able to get away with playing it in class. I think some kids really just do not care and are too dedicated to the Madden game. Hopefully those kids are able to keep their grades up as they are in the middle of the Madden lifestyle.