A tribute to the Toddfather

Cincinnati Reds fans say there farewells to not only a great player but a great man, Todd Frazier.


December 16, 2015, is a day that will go down as a tragedy in the eyes of many Cincinnati Reds fans. Third baseman Todd Frazier was traded to the Chicago White Sox in a three team deal. In this transaction, the Reds received infielder/outfielder Brandon Dixon, infielder Jose Peraza, and outfielder Scott Schebler.

I don’t care however many players the Reds received or their ability, Todd Frazier is a guy who can’t be replaced. What Frazier has done on and off the field for this city is nothing short of remarkable. A selfless man who wanted nothing but the best for the city and team he loved to play for.

Earlier in the month at Redsfest Todd said he had spoken with Walt Jocketty and Bob Castellini and told them that he wanted to be a Red for life. I don’t know about you but to me this sounds like a man who was happy with his position.

Now the Reds obviously had a bad year this year and are in need of some help offensively. I understand the whole concept of you only get big money prospects if you give away big money players, but Todd was more than just a player, he was a hero.

Here are some stats from Todd’s 5-year career with the Reds: 633 total games played (only playing 41 in 2011), 586 hits, 108 home runs (35 this past year), 324 RBI’s, .321 OBP, .463 SLG, two back-to-back All-star appearances (’14 and ’15), and third place in rookie of the year voting in 2012 (behind only Bryce Harper and Wade Miley).

A player putting up those types of numbers over a five year period is impressive, not to mention the defense he showed on the field. 337 putouts, 867 assists, 69 double plays turned, while only making 45 errors. Todd knew how the game should be played, and his numbers show that.

Numbers aside Todd Frazier is still one of the greatest guys to be walking this earth. The passion and love he shows for the game is second to none. I remember watching him playing for the first time and just being captivated by the heart and emotion he had for the game. I, like many other Reds fans, instantly became a fan of Todd and never looked back.

He always had an exuberant smile on his face that just made you want to smile. He’s the kind of guy you need in your clubhouse, the kind of guy you want wearing your teams jersey. Not to mention the relationship he shared with the Reds bat boy, Teddy. While playing the Marlins Teddy went up to Todd and told him to hit a home run for him. So of course in Todd Frazier fashion he blasts a 421-foot home run in the bottom of the sixth inning of that game in the 2013 season. Teddy greeted Todd at home plate with a hug and a big old smile.

“I started smiling before I hit home plate.”-Todd Frazier

You can’t replace a guy like Todd Frazier; as a person, a player, or an individual. Reds fans will no longer be greeted by his smiling face, but only the memories of the great things he did for our city. Coming back in the Home Run Derby to win the title for his home team is something Reds fans, heck baseball fans everywhere will never forget. You came into this city a baseball player and left a hero. Wishing you nothing but the best Toddfather, you will be dearly missed.