Best year ever?

What will lie ahead in the year 2016?

Best year ever?

Happy New Year. And as 2015 has come to a close 2016 is now under way.  The much anticipated events 2016 will bring much excitement.

The sports world will have multiple notable must see events in the new year. Such events include the 50th Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California on February 7th, the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games going from August 5th to the 21st, and the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota from September 27th to October 2nd.

In the movie world Marvel Comics plans on having another big year. They will be the first to strike with their new movie Deadpull on the 12th of February. However, the most anticipated Marvel movie will be the third installment of the Captain America series, Civil War. This movie ibats set to screen on May 6th and will bring a twist to what we have seen with the Avengers. DC comics will try to battle Marvel for top position in the box office in 2016 with their tandem of movies, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 25th), and The Suicide Squad (August 5th). With a total of eight Super hero films being released in 2016 will any other film crack the top five? Possibly when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released December 16th.

2016 will also bring some big headliners to the Queen City for concert dates. Blake Shelton will kick it off at US Bank Arena February 18th. Following will be the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel on April 5th at US Bank. Other notable artists and bands are Selena Gomez (June 5th), Justin Bieber (June 24th), and Maroon 5 (September 29th). There will also be the annual country concerts during the summer at Riverbend.

Throughout 2016, outer space will be a target for countries such as Russia. Russia plans on launching the first space hotelspace hoterl for up to seven people at one time by late 2016. It has been five years since the launch of the satellite Juno, but on July 4th the satellite should reach its expected target of Jupiter.


Technology will take another step forward as drones will be a big focus of the new year. Once it is proved completely safe, Amazon will launch their Amazon Air campaign with drones, which can deliver your package to your door in 30 minutes, by the end of the calendar year. Vitality is another top priority in technology as virtual world headsets could be placed on shelves to buy in 2016. Unmanned cars are another possibility this year.

Our nation looks to take a step in a new direction this year as the presidential election will take place on November 8th. As the end of the year approaches and on New Year’s Eve, the last of the remaining American, British and electionAustralian troops will withdraw from Afghanistan. Is this the right move? We will find out in 2017 I’m sure.

2016 will bring new ideas to the world, as well as interesting discoveries. Could be the best year in history? I guess we will have to wait.