Weather delays opening of Perfect North Slopes

Weather delays opening of Perfect North Slopes

Every year, it is guaranteed that as long as Perfect North slopes is open, avid skiers and snowboarders alike are lining up to shred some of that Perfect North snow. To the dismay of these people however, unusually warm weather has kept the snow makers off, and the gates of PNS closed.  Most years (including the last three in a row), they’ve opened the park by November; however, the regulars at Perfect North have had to wait until January to get their fix of snow.

Those who regularly make the trip to Lawrenceburg are always excited by the first signs of cold weather.  However, to the dismay of these regular skiers and snowboarders, the weather this year hasn’t been much of an aid.  It is 2016, yet we haven’t seen an inch of snow cover the entire “winter.”

While the snow at Perfect North isn’t naturally made, rather blown by “snowmakers,” specially owned by PNS, the weather still hasn’t been fit to make snow.

Previous season's snow being blown by the snow makers
Previous season’s snow being blown by the snow makers

According to Perfect North’s Snow Report, they’ve already begun making snow.  Certain areas of the park are opening as they become available.  These include mostly easier hills, but to the regulars at PNS, it is somewhere to ski, and that’s all they need.

Skiing and Snowboarding are both rather expensive hobbies as it is, with the cost of skis, boards, goggles, boots, jackets, pants and more.  Add onto that a season pass to Perfect North, and you could be looking at upwards of $600, depending on the type of pass you choose.  Perfect North offers a myriad of options for season passes.  You can purchase a “Perfect Season Pass” which offers unlimited access to the slopes, any hours of the day, for a meager price of $525.  A “Gold Pass” offers up to 8 hours on the slopes, any day of the week for only $450, and a “Silver Pass” offers the same thing, but is only valid Monday-Friday, for $350. The entire collection of passes is on Perfect North’s website.

Matthew Jacobs, a junior at Elder, has the Perfect Season Pass, giving him unlimited access to the slopes.  I asked him what made it worth the price and why he keeps coming back.
“I go back every year because I want to become a better snowboarder,” he said.  He told me that the terrain park at Perfect North is the “best place around to go and learn new tricks, hit rails, and just have fun.”

Whether you’re a snowboarder like Jacobs, a skier, or anyone else wanting to have a good time on some good snow, Perfect North is a great place to do just that.  Finally, after a long wait for some, the gates are open and the runs are ready for everyone.