Miss Universe mishap

Steve Harvey’s slip up. Is it really even a big deal?


If you have been on the internet anytime in the recent weeks, you would have more than likely seen something posted about Steve Harvey’s mistake at the Miss Universe pageant. If you haven’t noticed the cornucopia of internet memes relating to the pageant, I’m here to clear things up.

The Miss Universe beauty pageant took place on December 20th. However, when the time came to announce the winner a mistake took place that would blaze through the internet.

Steve Harvey accidentally awarded the crown to the wrong person. Devastating, I know. Nevertheless, it took the internet by storm with memes and tweets popping into existence every few seconds.  The incorrectly awarded winner (Columbia) actually had a victory lap and then Steve Harvey announced his mistake. Instead of doing it in private, they took the crown off the head of the freshly crushed Miss Columbia and put it on the head of the rightful winner, Miss Philippines.


What a Class-A idiot right? Not so fast Speedy Gonzalez.  You see, Steve Harvey’s card wasn’t as simple as one would think. Instead of having the normal setup: 1st place 2nd place 3rd place, it was set up 2nd  runner up 1st runner up and Miss Universe over on the other side of the card. Not that this couldn’t have been avoided but one can see why Steve Harvey messed up.

Most people sympathies with Miss Columbia. She felt humiliated and was crushed. Most women in these pageants have been doing them their whole lives and being Miss Universe is probably a goal of most beauty contestants. Literally having the crown in the palm of her hands and then having it taken away would be heart wrenching.

Not only was her immediate humiliation bad, but hecardr reaction has become a meme on the internet coming in all fashions. The situation got so much attention even Burger King had to take a shot.

burger king

For a while, you couldn’t go anywhere on the internet without running into something referencing this minor mishap that was blown out of proportion.