Manziel – Doesn’t Care


In College Station, resides the most popular and controversial man in college football, Johnny Manziel.

With 3,706 yards, 26 touchdowns, a 68% completion percentage and 155.3 QB rating in his Heisman season, there is no doubting his on field ability. But what about his off field antics?

One can barely turn on ESPN without hearing Manziel’s name being ridiculed. Yet it is never about his game, just how “immature and disgraceful” he is to the game of football and Texas A&M because of his off field antics.

The big controversies that analysts focus on are: his instagram photo at the casino holding a wad of cash, the cloudy reason he got kicked out of The Manning Passing Academy, his tweet about leaving College Station, and obviously his most recent trouble regarding the autographs he signed for illegal benefits.

But does Manziel really care what these “experts” have to say? The kid comes from a family that is literally worth tens of millions of dollars. He probably has never heard the word “no” in his life. I don’t think he cares about a half-a-game suspension in the long run, which only amped up the anticipation for his return even more so.

He came in freshman year, a young rich kid who has always been treated like the second coming of Jesus, and all of a sudden cameras start showing up watching his every move, wanting him to change his behavior. In my opinion, he loves it. He doesn’t care what kind of “image” he sets forth for Texas A&M, or what the NCAA has to say.

He consistently tosses up middle fingers to the media and the NCAA. A few weeks after his casino picture was scrutinized, he posts a photo of him and a child holding fake money in a hospital. He tweeted that he can’t wait leave A&M, basically telling everyone that his college is just a stepping stone to the NFL. He tells the media that he “overslept” his alarm at the Manning Passing Academy, which could very well be the case. But the “experts” don’t want to believe such a simple reason for a simple misunderstanding.

People don’t understand him. He is just a college kid with tremendous amount of athletic ability. He does nothing different from what you and I will do in college. Drink beer and party, the only difference-he has practice in the morning.

“All he did was drink beer, eat skittles, and won a Heisman,” his dad said to the media. This proves the disregard of what other people think runs in the family.

The media is almost begging him to fail, so they can say they were right. So they can feed the same ego that they have been criticizing Johnny for having.

Johnny won’t let that happen. He loves the game too much, but he won’t let that game affect the lifestyle that he chooses to live, and he certainly won’t let his lifestyle affect his game – no matter what the NCAA, A&M, or the media says.

At the end of the day, Johnny doesn’t care what they, you, or I have to say. Johnny’s going to be Johnny.