The great Vine awakening

Top 4 Viners


Sam Middendorf - photoshop

Some of the stars of VINE

Vine was introduced to the world in late January of 2013.

It gave people the opportunity to make stupid 6 second videos that only their friends could watch. Vine was fun for about a month, and it was hard for anyone to get big on vine because of the lack of one thing. Revines.

Revines were introduced about a year after the release of vine, and they gave users the ability to share vines from other users with their followers. Now, discovering funny viners was basic because a user was exposed to a lot more.

The idea of the revine has reshaped the vine industry, and although vine was enhanced, it also did a titanic amount of harm. Bringing fame to the big stars such as Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Logan Paul, etc.

These sellouts are able to make a lot of money through promotions and now some have record deals and a lot of money. These guys are terrible. They are not funny, and they are only big cause they can sing and little girls think they are attractive.

It is kind of unfortunate, because some of these dudes were decently funny.  A prime example is the brothers Logan and Jake Paul, your typical suburban Ohioans. They happened to be from Cleveland, but it was ok cause they were pretty funny.

Once the revines came out Logan, a student at Ohio University who was making amusing vines around campus, blew up. People loved him. He started introducing his brother Jake in his vines, and he was funny too. It all turned bad when they began to sell out. Taking promotional deals and making vines for money.

If a viner make vines for money it is not hard to spot. Professional cameras and crew, writers writing the vines, app makers handing them money for a little screen time. All this led to a downfall of vine, people stopped watching as these guys grew bigger. Little teenage girls, yet to reach sixth grade, made up the vine community. These were dark days.

Luckily, a new awakening has embodied the vine community. Hundreds of legitimately funny people, not caring what they say, doing it for the love of the game. No monetary reason, but for the people.

These viners are your regular dudes, and their fame is at an all-time high, but they still refuse to sell out. These viners are dudes hitting their 9 to 5’s, typical stoners who you see riding the bus every morning, the high school kid from Pittsburgh with the mop top, college students, struggling DJ’s in LA, etc. These dudes are making noises and saying dumb things while taking a selfie video, and they make you fall off the toilet because you are trembling with laughter.

If you don’t watch vine I strongly recommend you do, and the following list can help you get started. If you are watching vine now, make sure you are watching the correct people for maximum comedic value. So the next time you have nothing to do remember you can always count on the people on vine.

1. Nick Colletti @thenickcolletti


All-time best viner forever. Avid drug user who been referred to as the God of Vine. Born in Pittsburgh, but moved out to LA to join another viner, Getter, in pursuit of success in the disk jockeying world. When he isn’t busting out club bangers on his MacBook the dude is on his phone making people laugh. The man is a genius, some vines are only him making weird noises you cannot even comprehend, but those are sometimes the funniest. His famous saying, “Suh Dude” has got kids shouting it all over. Remember if you hear someone shout that, reply with “Aye Dude”.


2. Cody Ko @codyk


Hysterical comedy right here folks. Cody Ko is a typical bachelor living in his pad out in Cali. He makes a lot of vines in the mirror, on the couch, or in the car. He is great at making fun of the vine sellouts, which is great. If you’ve ever been on vine for more than 20 minutes you have seen this guy

3. Evan breen @evan_breen


Total Bum. Super simple dude who definitely dabbles in the hippie lettuce. No one knows where this dude resides, but he has been all over. He loves to play the role as rebellious teens in satire vines about them, straight comedy. “No mom I don’t wanna go to church, I wanna go skateboarding with my friends!” Check this guy out.



4. 4 **** and a Camera


Four Arizona State students living in a house next to campus all posting on one vine account, four times the fun. These dudes were always hanging with each other, and they vine everything. Most of their time spent was on the back porch making vines. These dudes loved to reenact movie scenes or act like troubled suburban dads. These guys have had their ups and downs, one guy even moved out and was replaced. But now they have all graduated and moved on. Some of them made some spin off personal vine accounts, but nothing will be the same as the original quatro.

Some other notable people on vine:

Valium village @ValiumVillage

Gabriel Gundacker @GabrielDreyfuss

Victor Pope Jr. @VictorPopeJr

Adda boi @adda_boi

Getter @GetterOfficial

Chris Melberger @chrismelberger

Nut @nut