Twitter to 10,000?

Recent rumors of Twitter possibly increasing character limit to 10,000.

Just this past week, rumors surfaced that the 2nd most used social media website on the planet, Twitter, is planning on increasing their character limit from 140 up to 10,000. I think I speak for pretty much every Twitter user on the planet when I say.. that could be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my entire life.

CEO Jack Dorsey defending 10,000 character increase.

One, it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. To me, the limit of 140 is fine where it’s at now. I could see why CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey would possibly want to increase to like 200, but 10,000? It just doesn’t make any sense. Again, if they increase by a couple dozen characters, it wouldn’t bother me that much, but increasing the limit by a 9,860 margin is just idiotic.

I seriously can’t sit here and think as to one logical reason why they would want to do this. It’s bad enough for some tweeters to have the 140 limit, because some decide to talk way to much, but just imagine these type of people with 10,000 characters at their limit. It would completely destroy everyone’s timeline.

The average Twitter user who would just like to casually look through their timeline would not be able to do this due to the 10,000 character tweets that some will have.

“Twitter is annoying enough as it is,” said Dane Vatter, “but having to look at a tweet that long would make me not want to use it anymore.”

Having to look at a tweet that long would make me not want to use it anymore”

— Dane Vatter

Twitter is by far my favorite social media app. After Facebook got overrun by 50 year old men, and Instagram just consists of eight people you follow posting two pics a day, Twitter is the only decent one left. And if they decide to make this terrible change, there will be like no good social media sites available. Twitter to me is a great way to get information, also it’s a funny time reading through some of the hilarious tweets that people post.

In all honestly, I’ll probably still get on Twitter if the limit is increased, along with others, but ones thing for sure Twitter will not the same.

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