Tim Tebow: quarterback or dream weaver?

Tim Tebow: quarterback or dream weaver?

Tim Tebow has been cut yet again. He has had people telling him he cannot be an NFL quarterback for years now. You’re throwing motion is too slow. You drop your arm too low. You are too inaccurate. You are too inconsistent. Tim Tebow has heard it all.

Tebow responds to this criticism with no hard feelings which just keeps the paparazzi and media coming at him. Tebow is the only pro that is constantly in the news for doing nothing wrong. They want him to fail. They want him to melt under pressure. But Tebow will not be fazed.

Just hours after being cut for the second time in his career, Tim Tebow responded with this via twitter, “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.”

Tebow obviously has what it takes to win in the NFL because he HAS WON in the NFL. Tebow is 9-7 as a starter in the NFL, including the playoffs. Although his record may be a little underwhelming it is better than many “successful” NFL quarterbacks. He has more playoffs wins than Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Doug Flutie, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, Ken O’ Brien, Matthew Stafford, and Todd Marinovich. And as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Alex Smith, and Marc Bulger. Is anyone willing to say that any of these quarterbacks don’t belong in the NFL?

Tebow may not be the best passer in the league but he is a proven winner. It may not always be pretty but Tim Tebow does know how to win. He won two National Championships in college and had a record of 36-6 as a starting quarterback. That’s over an 85% winning percentage.

Many say that Tebow should change positions because he just won’t cut it as a quarterback in the NFL. Tebow’s response remains consistent in saying he “is not willing to change positions because he is a quarterback”.

Pat Conners, a former Fantasy Football owner of Tim Tebow says, “He’s crafty; he does what it takes to win. Whether it is with his legs or his arm he is effective as an NFL quarterback and deserves a spot on an NFL roster.”

Love him or hate him one can’t deny that Tim Tebow has competed and won at each and every level.