Cell phones in the classroom

Cell phones in the classroom

Cell phones are one of the quickest technologies to spread its area of influence around the globe. From the good ol’ United States of America to China, you can find a cell phone on almost every person that you would come into contact with.

With the prevalence of cell phones around the world, a problem has also arisen as students bring their phones into schools. Many teachers and faculty see these phones as a huge distraction to the students and work to rid their classrooms of these devices. Others have a more nonchalant feeling towards phones and don’t care if they are seen.

I can understand why some wouldn’t want phones to be in schools, because they can be abused. Even with the teachers that do not allow phones, some students still become fixated on their electronic devices and never pay attention to the class. I see it as more of an epidemic than just a small problem. With an increase in the number of people obtaining smart phones, the number of individuals who play around on their phone during class is also increasing.

Nino Salamone, a junior here at Elder has had multiple occasions where his phone has went off during a class. He told me that one time he got a detention, and the other the teacher didn’t even pay attention to it.

Phones can definitely be seen as a nuisance, but it is not all bad news when it comes to cellular devices in the classroom. Phones COULD definitely be a positive when it comes to advancing the engagement in a room. Many new apps are made or are being made so that one can use his/her phones to take tests, quizzes, or practice problems. Also, in case of emergencies, they can be extremely helpful. They can be used to call 911, family, or get updates on weather, crime, etc.

In the case of the seriously sad and unfortunate situation over at LaSalle High School about three years ago in which a student attempted suicide at school, the students of LaSalle are now allowed to carry their phones with them in their backpacks.

My friend from LaSalle told me, “I think it was needed. Many parents were scared about safety issues after the year that we had. I also like being able to have it in my backpack so I don’t have to go back to my locker at the end of the day.”
In my opinion, I don’t think that phones should be allowed in a classroom. Like I said earlier, they are a huge distraction for students and others in the class as well. Many students, I believe would abuse their privileges and create problems. However, even though I don’t think we should be allowed to have phones out in classrooms, I think it would be beneficial to be able to carry phones on us, just in case there is a serious emergency.

Austin “Tito” James said, “I don’t see why students can be punished for using them, but I also don’t see how some kids can’t go six and a half hours without talking to their girlfriends.”

Phones are becoming more and more prevalent, and if you don’t have one yet, you most likely will get one soon. Either the classroom needs to get with the times, or we, the students need to keep in touch with the times of the classroom. No matter what, one will have to compromise.