Students shine in Talent Show


Connor Hirth

Mr. Nugent and his daughters in some eye catching attire

On March 2, 2016 students from Elder and Seton High School joined forces to show off their talents and put on a fantastic show for a great audience. Since I was unable to go to the show myself, I decided to find out about some of the acts that were performed by some very talented Elder students.

Roman Lee: Roman made a splash with his very unique performance of “Uptown Funk”. Instead of singing the song or playing it on some sort of instrument, he used some slick dance moves and impressed just about everyone in attendance. As the only guy who did a dance routine, surely everyone will remember the great show that he put on.

Chris Conway: Chris decided that he would show off his guitar prowess as he took the stage to perform a solo. He was a one man show, and played his song without the assistance of any other musicians on stage. Once again a truly memorable performance from a very talented and very gutsy performer.

Michael Nicolaci: Michael’s performance was similar to Chris’s in the respect that it was also a solo. However, he played the piano instead of the guitar.  His song choice made his performance that much more interesting as the title “Pizza” was sure to catch the attention of  any audience members that were concerned with what they were going to eat afterwards.

Anthony Ciarla: No surprise here, a guy well known for his singing abilities at Mass put his talent on display at the show. He wowed the entire audience with his fantastic voice in his performance of “Candy Cane Jane.” Without a doubt this was a performance that everyone in attendance was very thankful to see and hear.

Jake Luebbe, Ben Siefke, Ben Huhn, Brian Huhn: Finally some teamwork by the Panthers. While we all appreciate the solo performances, no talent show is complete without the performance of a great band. This group that goes by the name HHLS was more than happy to fill that role with their performance of “Knights of Cydonia” on the big stage.  Hopefully they continue to play together and let some more great music.

Mr. Nugent & his Daughters: In one of the fan favorite acts of the night, Mr. Nugent put on a show with his daughters in their performance of “Fools Rush In.”  Surely all students in attendance were delighted to see one of their favorite teachers here at Elder perform on the big stage and I’m sure that his daughters had a blast performing with their father as well.

Hopefully, for some of the underclassmen, these performances will carry over in to next year’s show. As for the seniors, I’d say that they certainly went out of their final talent show performance as a student at Elder with a bang.