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2013-2014 Staff

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Gary Rogers has been advising the staff of The Purple Quill since he joined the Elder faculty in the winter of 2011. In the summer of 2012, he attended a Journalism "bootcamp" at the Reynolds Institute in Reno, Nevada. While th...

Nikola Rackers '15

Nikola Rackers ’15

This is my second year writing for The Purple Quill. As a junior, I was the News Editor and I am currently Co-Editor of the print edition of the Quill. I especially enjoy writing about news and current events. In addition to writi...

Charlie Sehlhorst '15

Charlie Sehlhorst ’15

Hey, my name is Charlie Sehlhorst and I'm going into my Senior year at Elder High School. This will be my second semester on the Purple Quill staff and this year I am lucky enough to be a Co-Editor for one of the oldest newspapers...

Nick Antone '14

Nick Antone ’14

Hello. My name is Nick Antone and I'm a writer for The Purple Quill, the online news site you are currently on. Every Sunday afternoon, I eat a toasty ham sandwich and ponder my life while blogging at Panera Bread; just kiddi...

Chris Henkel '14

Chris Henkel ’14

I'm Chris Henkel, I'm a writer, and co-editor for Elder High School's school paper - both print and online. In general, I'm a guy that likes to be outside. If I get the opportunity, I just might end up in a treetop paradise in...

Nicholas Rackers '15

Nicholas Rackers ’15

Nicholas Rackers '15 started writing for The Quill as Assistant News Editor in the fall of 2013. The Purple Quill is not the only activity the 2011 St. Teresa graduate is involved in. The ambitious junior is also an accomplis...

Lee Lutz '14

Lee Lutz ’14

Opinion editor, writing enthusiast, and patriot. Elder High School Class of 2014. Go panthers. Go Bucks. Who Dey.

Andrew Cole '14

Andrew Cole ’14

Aspiring journalist for The Purple Quill. Class of 2014 at the greatest institution in the western hemisphere: Elder High School. Regular reader of the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.   Blog: coleaa.wordpress....

Rawley Cook '15

Rawley Cook ’15

Junior at Elder High School, first year staff writer on The Purple Quill.  Basketball player and aspiring journalist. Altiora.

Sean Feldman '14

Sean Feldman ’14

Sean Feldman here. In addition to being the Arts and Entertainment Editor for Elder High School's Purple Quill, I enjoy many other aspects of student life at Elder. I enjoy music, especially in the form of singing, and am an active...

Steven Maurer '14

Steven Maurer ’14

My name is Steven Maurer, and I go to the best high school in the world. This is my first (and last) venture on The Purple Quill. I am the new Features Editor. I play hockey and I'm involved in Glee Club, Performing Arts ser...

Dan Brown '14

Dan Brown ’14

First take fanatic Sports prediction analyst fantasy football expert

Peter Aguilera '14

Peter Aguilera ’14

I am a Senior in my last semester at Elder. When I am not writing for The Quill I can be found wiring pucks bar down on an ice rink, playing 80’s tracks on a guitar, or mashing the buttons of a 360 controller. I hope to provi...

Will Brueggemeyer '15

Will Brueggemeyer ’15

Hello. My name is is Will Brueggemeyer and I'm a second semester writer for The Purple Quill. I enjoy long, moonlit nights at my summer home on the French riviera, sipping tea and reading the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Collin Schwiers '15

Collin Schwiers ’15

Hey there, my name is Collin Schwiers and I am a junior staff writer for the Elder High School Purple Quill. You don't have to read my articles... and I really don't know if you actually will. I hope someone reads them though. Pl...

Alex Reid '14

Alex Reid ’14

2013-2014 Staff Writer for The Purple Quill.

Rob Ellerhorst '15

Rob Ellerhorst ’15

My name is Rob Ellerhorst. I'm a junior at Elder HIgh School and this is my first year writing for The Purple Quill. I'm a staff writer who loves sports, primarily the Bengals, Packers, Reds, Bearcats and Buckeyes. I also lik...

Nate Wuest '14

Nate Wuest ’14

I'm Nate Wuest and I write for the famous Purple Quill. I write for the online and the print editions of The Quill. I love being outside. Paintball is my main sport. I also love to be inside working on computers. This year I am a ...

Charlie Sehlhorst '15

Charlie Sehlhorst ’15

Hi i'm Charlie. I'm in my junior year at Elder High School. I am a staff writer for The Purple Quill and enjoy writing about any general topics. I'm also on the hockey team at Elder and an avid fan of the sport as well. I went t...

Mitchell Harter '14

Mitchell Harter ’14

A new face in the Journalism crowd. It's my Senior year and I wanted to try something new so I joined The Purple Quill staff. It's my first year and I love it already. Writing for me is the freedom to share my ideas and who ...

Ben Smith '14

Ben Smith ’14

My name is Ben Smith this is my first year on The Quill. I am the Features Editor this year. I play Sports, so I love writing about sports.

Clay Sohngen '14

Clay Sohngen ’14

I'm Clay Sohngen. I wrote for The Quill last year, all year, and am looking forward to writing all year this year, too. I'm very interested in music and any sports, and tend to write about those subjects more than anything, but pret...

Nick Feldman '14

Nick Feldman ’14

This is Nick’s first year on The Purple Quill and enjoys writing articles on politics, and world events. If his views just seem too hard to resist, it’s probably because of his involvement in Elder’s Mock Trial Team. He has...

Luke Deters '14

Luke Deters ’14

First Year Quill Writer, I like Sports and I play Lacrosse. I am a member of the spirit committee. Go Panthers

Jimmy Dirr '14

Jimmy Dirr ’14

This is Jimmy's first year as a staff member of The Purple Quill. He has lived all his life with his mom and dad and brother and sister in Cincinnati.  A Senior at Elder High School, he enjoys hanging out with friends, hunting,...

Jared Brown '14

Jared Brown ’14

I am a senior at Elder. This is my first year on The Quill and I like to write. I specialize in sports and entertainment.

Zack Deters '14

Zack Deters ’14

I am a senior at Elder and this is my first year as a member of The Quill. I am a Cincinnati native and currently a chef at LaRosas. I play lacrosse and am a part of the Spirit Committee, Poster Club and Pep-rally Committe...

Jonathan August Reiter '14

Jonathan August Reiter ’14

I am senior Jonathan Reiter, and this is my first year as a journalist for The Purple Quill. I have lived in Delhi my whole life, and I went to Saint Antoninus for grade school. You can find me running on Glenway with the cros...

Jacob Conners '14

Jacob Conners ’14

Jacob is a Senior at Elder High School. He is a two sport varsity athlete for the Panthers. He wrestles and plays football. He is also a staff writer for The Purple Quill. He has lived on the westside of Cincinnati his ent...

Joe Middendorf '14

Joe Middendorf ’14

I am a staff writer for The Purple Quill. I like writing especially about politics and world news. I will be writing mostly news pieces and opinion pieces.

Davis Rensing '14

Davis Rensing ’14

Davis is new to journalism, it is his first time contributing to The Purple Quill, Elder's newspaper. He is a senior at Elder High School and you can find him hitting the links for the Panthers in the fall for the golf team, ma...

Alex Singler '14

Alex Singler ’14

My name is Alex Singler. I am a senior at Elder High School. This is my first year as a member of The Purple Quill. I play lacrosse and I am also in some clubs here at Elder. I hope to write some interesting stories this year as ...

Chris Steege '14

Chris Steege ’14

I'm Chris Steege and Taco Bell is the smell yo.  

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