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2015-2016 Staff

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Gary Rogers has been advising the staff of The Purple Quill since he joined the Elder faculty in the winter of 2011. In the summer of 2012, he attended a Journalism "bootcamp" at the Reynolds Institute in Reno, Nevada. While th...

Jacob Geiser '16

Jacob Geiser ’16

My name is Jacob Geiser for those of you who don't know me. I ran Cross Country and Track for 3 years, am the Secretary on Student Council. I basically run the twitter page for Student Council, HMU with a follow for all things...

Donovan Hester '16

Donovan Hester ’16

Purple Quill veteran. Firm believer in Seth Greenberg's "Pump-fake your way through life" strategy. Passion is writing about all things sports related, but also enjoy stepping outside the comfort zone and finding the great things...

Rocco Salamone '16

Rocco Salamone ’16

"Is it more sexist to not hit a woman, because she's a woman... it's all just a bunch of numbers?" - Anders Holmvik I love that quote because it makes you think. This is my second year on the quill's staff, but unlike last...

Joe Weiner '16

Joe Weiner ’16

Most people refer to me as "Weiner." I'm a second year quill staff writer who stops every once in awhile to smell the roses. I can tackle you in the open field and serve you some noodles after the game. #seniors #dontcheathegrind...

Joey Dowd '16

Joey Dowd ’16

My interests include bagging groceries and taking long walks on the beach.

Alex Wertz '16

Alex Wertz ’16

First-year writer for The Quill. Learned scholar of Ploehsian philosophy. "Go every time so others may everytime."

Cole Carle '17

Cole Carle ’17

Hey I'm Cole Carle and I am a junior. I am from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. I love sports primarily football. I like the Xavier Musketeers, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Bengals and the Reds. "Remember kid, there's heroes...

Ryan Custer '16

Ryan Custer ’16

"I love poetry, and a glass of scotch, and, of course, my friend Baxter here." - The Legend Ron Burgundy

Ben Dirr '16

Ben Dirr ’16

I enjoy all different kinds of sports especially college basketball and football. Will beat anyone who dares to challenge me in corn-hole or ping-pong. I am a big fan of motivational quotes.    "I can do all things through...

Matt Dugan '17

Matt Dugan ’17

"I'm ready to face any challenges that are foolish enough to face me" - Dwight Schrute

Zach Fries '17

Zach Fries ’17

My name is Zach Fries.  I love Bearcat football and basketball along with the Reds and Bengals.  "The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer."-John Madden

Max Gramke '16

Max Gramke ’16

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around for a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller Elder Putt Putt

Dakota Handorf '17

Dakota Handorf ’17

Proud member of the D.A.R.E. Program.

David Heisel '16

David Heisel ’16

This year is my first year writing for the quill. I am a Senior who lives for Friday night lights and making plays on the hardwood. Big time Muskies and Bengals fan who is very passionate about their hometown teams. "Only those...

John Keehan '18

John Keehan ’18

Just an Elder boy born and raised in East Price Hill. When I get sad I stop being sad and become awesome instead- Barney Stinson.

Bryce Martin '18

Bryce Martin ’18

Hannah Montana said no one is perfect, but here I am. Behind every great man is a woman rolling their eyes. I plan on feeding the world great information day in and day out. Writing is like love at first sight ya know? Check...

Samurai Middendorf '16

Samurai Middendorf ’16

"Pull up to the scene, but my roof gone" -2 Chainz Starting my journalism career late in the game, but I am here to produce. Video production is my strong suit, but I am also here to craft some beautiful writings. Expect the...

Brandon Meyer '16

Brandon Meyer ’16

I enjoy  listening to Taylor Swift and gossiping about boys. I've been told I can really pull off a pair of short shorts.

Adam Noeth '17

Adam Noeth ’17

Elder High School class of 2017. Cross Country and Track

Sam Poli '17

Sam Poli ’17

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott

Eric Reuss '17

Eric Reuss ’17

Shia Labeoof once said "Don't let dreams be dreams!" So here I am today following my dreams, just doing it. This is my first year on the quill. I'm a junior football player.

Alex Richmond '16

Alex Richmond ’16

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. John F. Kennedy

Michael Ridder '16

Michael Ridder ’16

Mike's the name, journalism's the game Founder and host Ridder's Reviews Elder Putt Putt

Joey Sabato '16

Joey Sabato ’16

Hi my name Joey Sabato. My middle name is Carmelo. I play soccer and basketball. "Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision."  -Muhammad Ali

Andrew Schenkel '17

Andrew Schenkel ’17

My name is Andrew Schenkel and this is my first year on the Purple Quill staff. When I'm not running cross country or track, I'm keeping track of all the big stories in the world of sports.

Collin Scheiner '17

Collin Scheiner ’17

"Rarely is the question asked: is our children learnin?" - George W. Bush

Bobby Wynn '16

Bobby Wynn ’16

Elder hockey goalie and fantasy football fanatic. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

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