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2017-2018 Staff

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Gary Rogers has been advising the staff of The Purple Quill since he joined the Elder faculty in the winter of 2011. In the summer of 2012, he attended a Journalism "bootcamp" at the Reynolds Institute in Reno, Nevada. While th...

Wyatt Albers '18

Wyatt Albers ’18

Co-Editor of The Purple Quill and 2016 CYO champion, "Why do we have to give people what they need to hear, why can't we give them what they wanna hear?"- Ron Burgundy.

John Keehan '18

John Keehan ’18

Co-Editor of The Purple Quill. I once met sometimes starting quarterback Daniel Nieman. "I was gonna kick your a**."- Daniel "Hardball" Nieman.

Charlie Mazza '18

Charlie Mazza ’18

Purple Quill Co-Editor/William Elder Frisbee Alliance Captain. "Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." - Michael Scott

Andrew Eubanks '18

Andrew Eubanks ’18

"Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing." -Ron Swanson

Tyler Macenko '19

Tyler Macenko ’19

Second year on The Quill.  Don't try to find my articles 'cuz there aren't any.  The Unofficial, Official Leader of The Purple Quill team.   I can relate any event in my life to The Office. "'You miss 100% of the shots you...

Nick Maurer '18

Nick Maurer ’18

I'm here to learn everything I can about writing and researching. I like to keep track of all types of media, from literature to graphic novels to cinema to video games. Currently on a quest to be part of every Elder club possible....

Nick Sullivan '18

Nick Sullivan ’18

I'd rather be sleeping. "Like a man with a fork in a world of soup."- Noel Gallagher

Mason Berger '20

Mason Berger ’20

This is my first year on staff. I am a sophomore, and I play football and baseball for the Panthers.

Michael Bittner '19

Michael Bittner ’19

Dress to Impress is a motto I live by.  Going to bring the people what they want to hear not what they have to hear. First year on The Quill team but be prepared for the best. Big softy for cute dogs. Firm believer that hig...

Eddie Cliffe '18

Eddie Cliffe ’18

Built for speed and comfort, I'm so ahead of my time my parents haven't even met yet. Young Edward Simon out here throwin in my 2 cents on everything that gets in my way. Real G's move in silence like lasagna. Purple Quill Veteran,...

Justin Donovan '18

Justin Donovan ’18

"The only reason I put on a shirt is so I can take it off"-  @jdgators33

Nick Dirr '18

Nick Dirr ’18

"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal." - Ron Burgundy. I'm a full 165 pounds and pure steel and sex appeal. I give the people what they want.

Ben Farwick '18

Ben Farwick ’18

Miley Cyrus once said, "Nobody's Perfect." Then I looked in the mirror. Power Moves only. Live my life like a human victory cigar. My beak is rather dry. Alright Elder.

Tyler Eshman '18

Tyler Eshman ’18

Senior planning to attend Ohio University. "There's no nobility in poverty." -Jordan Belfort

Tom Feldman '19

Tom Feldman ’19

"I have flaws? What are they?" - Michael Scott

Nick Folzenlogen '18

Nick Folzenlogen ’18

Hi I'm Nick Folzenlogen. I enjoy writing, I love Football, that's All day!

Michael Frogge '19

Michael Frogge ’19

The road to success is uphill. -Willie Davis

Danny Ginn '19

Danny Ginn ’19

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky"-Michael Scott  

Nate Hill '18

Nate Hill ’18

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." - Andy Bernard

Jacob Henn '18

Jacob Henn ’18

First year on The Quill. Goaltender for the Elder hockey team. Fan of Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, Reds, and Bengals. "You can't be common, the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon"- Herb Brooks...

Matt Larkin '19

Matt Larkin ’19

"I'm not here to play school." - Cardale Jones

Sam Kayse '18

Sam Kayse ’18

" I can make it. "- Jimmy Chitwood

Matthew Mahon '18

Matthew Mahon ’18

This is my first year on The Purple Quill. I play hockey here at Elder. My favorite teams are Ohio State, Xavier, Reds, Bengals, and the Red Wings.       "Learn to love the hate"- J.T Barrett

Ben Mullaney '19

Ben Mullaney ’19

"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little-stitious." - Michael Scott

Jack Mazza '18

Jack Mazza ’18

what do u say beheee

Danny Nieman '18

Danny Nieman ’18

"NO WAY! We're having macaroni tonight that means garlic bread! YES!" - Clark, Benchwarmers

Will Schoose '18

Will Schoose ’18

I'm Will Schoose and I somewhat like writing. Sports.

Corbin Scholtes '18

Corbin Scholtes ’18

I'm the darkest kid in the class. Show some diversity and enjoy a hand written sediment written by yours truly

Steven Seger '19

Steven Seger ’19

"I'm not sure what to do with my hands" - Rickey Bobby

Seth Sturwold '18

Seth Sturwold ’18

Purple Quill staff writer that is comprised of 40% caffeine.

Mark Smith '18

Mark Smith ’18

I joined this class to fill out my schedule and it seems pretty cool. I am a senior, this is my first year on staff, and I am a swimmer.

Jeff Tuttle '18

Jeff Tuttle ’18

I don't play no games. "I don’t take vacations. I don’t get sick. I don’t observe major holidays. I’m a jack hammer." - Jim Harbaugh.

Gunnar Wall '19

Gunnar Wall ’19

"Uuuuuuur Ahhhhrrrrr Uhrrr Ahhhhrrrr..." - Chewbacca

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