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Gergen shows off his classroom crib

May 16, 2017

In The Purple Quill's version of  MTV Cribs, we explore Mr. Mike Gergen's classroom crib. Check out Epis... Why is this game popular again? Why is this game popular again?

April 9, 2017

After about a year and a half absence, has made a comeback at Elder High School. I have seen man...

Jack Rolfes created this self-portrait for his staff profile for The Quill.

Dear Jack

March 20, 2017

Dear Jack, It was 1:20 AM when I found out. I was lying in bed, half-asleep. After seeing a few vague...

College tuition is way too high

College tuition is way too high

March 13, 2017

As a high school senior heading into my final quarter, I have four things ahead of me that I need to...

In the Panther Tank

In the Panther Tank

March 28, 2014

Required courses of any school’s curriculum, while vital, often instill frustration and boredom within...

The President is said to have always been against the war on terror. This is his first major step to helping the country recover from it

War no more (or at least less)

March 6, 2014

Despite the many monikers that the United States of America has around the world, the title of “a military...

Tee break?

Tee break?

October 23, 2013

Coasting down Glenway, one passes many restaurants and businesses, and more often and not, there’s...

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