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The dynamic duo: Duwel & Langen

March 12, 2019

Do you ever find yourself asking the question: "Who are those two students always filming at sporting...

2018 Oscars make history

2018 Oscars make history

March 13, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 2018 Oscar Awards, and in his opening monologue he jokingly stated, "If you are...

What goes on behind the camera?

December 10, 2017

The Elder News Network, better known as ENN, could be referred to as mission impossible. It seems impossible...

Poster Club journeys back to the walls

Poster Club journeys back to the walls

September 13, 2017

As the 2017-2018 school year begins, the cafeteria has a new but familiar look. For many underclassman...

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