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How to Win... or lose... Prom Night

March 13, 2018

Me and the boys before elder prom last year

With prom season quickly approaching, there is a lot of buzz in the air. Hearts could be broken, relationships could be strengthened, yet I truly believe prom season is one of the greatest times of the year. You get to dress up, show how cool you are with your promposal, rent that super slick tux, and take that special lady or soon to be special lady out for the night of your lives. All those situations are ideal, yet in life there are winners and losers, and not everyone can win prom night. This is a guide on how I think you can either become a winner or loser on prom night.

Ask early

First step and probably the most obvious step to winning your schools prom night, is by having the most stunning date in the entire building. Not only is that a power move, but it shows that you are the alpha male as soon as you step through the front door. One way to land a great date, is just merely hit them up at least two months away from the actual prom. Not only have I done this, but I know several other people who have as well. Another way to get the best date is to be a smooth talker over text and or Snapchat, which is always a move and a half.

Nice stuff

Another way to win prom night is to have the nicest car, or tuxedo, or both out of the entire prom. I would recommend hitting up Peppe Ramundo and mentioning the CBE Podcast boys sent you so that you can get a quick ten dollars off of your purchase. Also, in the car department, do not be afraid to ask your older sibling to borrow their new car, or ask your parents if you can borrow their whip. Unless of course you are one of the more privileged kids who received a brand new vehicle for your first car. Then that should suffice and be perfectly fine for you.

The easiest step to securing the W is to have a bumping auxiliary cable in your car. This just sets the tone for the night ahead, and gets everyone in the right frame of mind on the way to and from the dance. Also, if your school leaders choose a banging DJ with great songs playing then that makes prom a 10/10 right off the rip. Music is a major key to winning this night.

Slow down

One tip that is always very much slept on is being the slow dance champ. Girls probably will not tell you this but they definitely want you to pull them out on the dance floor during this one slow dance song, and show the whole room the kind of chemistry you guys are working with. Also, do not just be that awkward guy who just stands there rocking back and forth with your date, do some spins and what not I am assuming they (girls) like that stuff.


The final way to win your prom night is to have a place to go after the dance itself. The night is still young once the music at the syndicate or any prom for that matter ends, and you should have a place to hangout afterwards. Plus, nothing better than a good after party with the boys to make an already great night, one of the best nights of your young lives.

No gos

The first way to lose your prom night, is to not have a corsage or flowers for your date for all the pre-dance festivities. Which in my opinion there is nothing worse than a pre-dance dinner at one your houses. It is so just uncomfy and awkward because all the parents are there just watching your every move and taking like a million pictures. Also, the awkward conversation that goes down at a pre-dance is nothing short of cringe worthy.

Bad visual

Another way to lose on prom night is to not have a car at all. Having your date pick you up for your own dance is quite possibly the boldest, and all around worst thing you can do. This is just simply a bad visual.

Another way for prom night to be a fat L is kind of out of your control, but if the music is not hype or is just flat out terrible, you will most definitely not have a good time. Music has to be poppin as soon as you walk through the door just to keep the energy of the night flowing, and keep a little sharpness in the air.

No match

Another easy way to lose on prom night, is to not be matching your date. You should always try to be matching, because if you are not then you just look tacky and out of place.

All in all, do not be afraid to break a little sweat on the dance floor, maybe bring an extra stick of deodorant or some smell good sauce to re apply after the dance is over just so you can smell fresh at the after party. With that being said though, do not be afraid to get out there dance. The worst kind of people are the guys who just sit there mad at the world who do not go on the dance floor and then wonder why the dance “was not fun.”

Try to make the most of your prom szn this year, and do not be afraid to try out some new dance moves, or any other move for that matter.

“The boys are going to have themselves a night.”

— Steven Seger

I caught up with students from several schools regarding their expectations for their multifarious prom dances they will be attending. One young lady said, “I am just really excited to be out there breaking it down on the dance floor with all of my friends, and I think I am going to have a really good time.”

Another student, sent me a paragraph in response. she said, “I cannot wait to get out on the dance floor with all of my friends and have a really great time. However, I am kind of stressed out about the whole finding a dress situation, but it should work out and I think I am going to have just a stellar time with everyone there and hopefully prom lives up to the hype.”

Elder student Vince Sabato said, “Ya know I am really excited to showcase my talents on the dance floor, I learned some new moves from watching various YouTube videos, and I think I will really turn some heads this year at prom.”

Mr. Quatman said, “I am also excited, it is kinda cool to be back to prom as a chaperone, takes me back to my glory days of when I was killing it in my tux on the dance floor.”

I caught up with a group of Seton girls who said, “We have never been to prom before, but we are really expecting it to live up to the hype that everyone gives it. I think we are going to have a good time.”

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