Delicious looking slice of cold pizza

Cold pizza is slept on

March 6, 2020

In life, people are taught to never judge a book by its cover. Essentially, this means do not judge someone or something without first meeting that person or trying out that thing. I strongly stand by this saying, as it is true for a lot in my own life.

One item this saying relates heavily to is cold pizza. Everyone can agree that pizza is a food loved by many, but have you ever had cold pizza? It is phenomenal.

I do not mean uncooked pizza. I am talking about pizza that has been cooked and put in the fridge to be reheated another time. Reheated pizza may be in the top ten worst foods of all time so instead of forcing a slice of this down your throat, just devour it straight out of the fridge. If you won’t believe me, try saying no to the facts.

There are several benefits to cold pizza over normal pizza. Cold pizza is ready instantaneously. There is no need to put it in the microwave or oven and heat it back up. This process can take a long time, and nobody wants to wait long when they are hungry. Also, you do not have to worry about the mess that pizza normal creates. There is no cheese or sauce going all over a person’s hands and face. Lastly, cold pizza will not burn you when taking a bite. Everybody at some point has burnt their tongue or the roof of their mouth when taking a bite of pizza. As you can see, cold pizza has just about every advantage over normal pizza.

I had the chance to catch up with Jake Byrne, whose family owns a pizza chain, and ask him about his stance on cold pizza. Byrne made sure to start the interview by stating that cold pizza is “absolutely terrible.” I then asked him why he felt this way and Byrne responded, “I really do not like the feeling or taste of cold pizza sauce in my mouth.” This is a very unpopular opinion because a lot of people actually dip breadsticks into pizza sauce that has not been warmed up.

Next, I described all of the advantages that cold pizza has to offer over reheated pizza. Byrne couldn’t help but agree with me on this, and he even stated that reheated pizza has a rubbery taste. By the end of the interview I actually convinced Byrne that cold pizza was in fact the best kind of pizza. He even stated that for his dinner tonight he would be ordering a pizza, sticking it in the fridge for an hour, and then eating it cold later that night.

“I really do not like the feeling or taste of cold pizza sauce in my mouth.”

— Jake Byrne

If only everyone could see what Byrne and I see when examining a cold slice of pizza. It is a simple fact that cold pizza is underrated and better than reheated pizza. The advantages of it outweigh the very few, if any, disadvantages. I hope this article sheds a little light on this wonderful gift God has graced humanity with.

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