The Sheridan-Trischler Show: The Bill Hemmer Interview

Welcome to a very special Episode 8 of The Sheridan-Trischler Show!

April 9, 2022

Hey, everyone!

At the end of Episode 7, we promised that we would be having a special guest join us for Episode 8 and that would be our biggest episode yet. Well, we did not let you down.

Joining us for Episode 8 is Elder High School graduate Bill Hemmer ’83. Hemmer is a journalist at Fox News, and he is one of the co-anchors of America’s Newsroom, along with Dana Perino. Hemmer has an extensive career in journalism, and he has been with Fox News for more than 15 years now, also previously working at CNN.

Hemmer’s career has taken him across the country and the world, and he has reported from sites of different historical events like Ground Zero after 9/11, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Israel, Haiti, the DMZ, etc. He has covered election cycles, moderated a GOP presidential debate, interviewed figures like former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, covered the Russian invasion of Ukraine heavily over the past several weeks, and his shows have attracted millions of viewers over the years.

In our interview with Hemmer, we talked about a lot of different things with him, including: his time at Elder, how he came to find his passion for journalism, some different moments in his career and how he got to where he is today, and some questions about what the invasion of Ukraine.

The link to the audio version of this episode can be found here.

Or you can watch a video of the entire zoom call/video by clicking the embedded video below:

Thank you to everyone for watching/listening. We will be back with one final episode at some point in May before we graduate, so stay tuned for that!

Special thanks to Bill Hemmer for taking the time to talk with us!

We hope you enjoy!

– Jack and Seth

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